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Einstein "Einee": Phd: (Part-time hunting dog)
Director of Marking
Certified: Golden Morkie

(Added by Einstein: The Morkie is a "designer" breed of dog which is a cross between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Maltese Terrier. Much more at Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morkie)

Bruce: Phd does NOT mean your picture goes above mine!
Einstein: Phd - also stands for Picture higher than Dad's.
DD: Thing have gone to the dogs!

Bruce Mayfield, DD (Dog-Daddy)
Computer Scientist / Digital Archivist
BSCS, MBA, MSPsy, Owner

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* Our Services are Different

Our 20/20™ Video Services are Different

First Difference:

The old saying, "Hind-sight is 20/20" means you can see "the difference" -- BEFORE and AFTER.

We are the only company that gives you

This is a "difference" you will see -- Or your money back!

We Digitally ReMaster™ Video

To offer Video -- Better than the Original -- or your Money Back --
requires a "Difference You Can See".

We ReEngineer™ Video -- "better than the original" --

Which Einstein and I explain in "D-Tail" (i.e., detail) below.

We "Virtuallize Video™"

Virutalization means -- to "Free Video" - from any one medium -- digitally.

Most companies "Capture Video™" -- usually to DVD disc or to a restrivive video format.

Virtualization and Capture are two mutually exclusive (i.e., DIFFERENT AND OPPOSITE Einee Edit, thank me later) concepts, as you will soon learn.

Other "Differences"

I am a Computer Scienist -- which means -- YOU get THE BEST -- UPTO DATE -- digital video products possible -- as follow:

  1. I have optimized the quality -- of existing products -- that you already know and love -- like DVD, Blu-ray, Hard Drive compatibility between Mac and PC.
  2. I also offer radical departure from traditional video products -- offering you NEW PRODUCTS -- you can actuall use -- now -- and in the future -- LIke InterNetFlix™ Video App for smart phones.
  3. My video products work -- with any smart devices -- like iPhone / Android - or Computer: Mac or PC -- and are UniVirtually™ Compatible -- with any storage device.

A few "new products" are

Einstein came up with a the "dog-gone" smart phone navigation idea -- with "Show & Hide Index". Once loaded, this system is FAST -- helping you see what you have read and what have not! He named it (gulp!) -- Hide D-Tail™ / Show D-Tail™. (Yes, I should have spelled "detail" for him!)

First things first...let me expain Einstein.

Einstein: Website Mark-up Editor

Einstein applied for Mark-up Editor, based on his three-legged "Marking Skills", and "Inter-species Communication" skills (i.e., his words not mine) .

He was hired to make our website "more friendly" (i.e., Morkies are bred for "friendly") and to tone-down -- what he calls -- Geek Speak™.

Einee (i.e., short for Einstein) is now in training -- ON A TRIAL BASIS (hint, hint). Meanwhile we are all learning to speak -- a little more "Morkie ". (Einstein's note: That's Golden Morkie, thank you!)

Under his contract (that was a BIG mistake), he is free to "mark-up" things (i.e., called Einee Edits), as long as he 'marks" them -- with a his initials (Einee) or his name. Please overlook the "mark-up" training notes -- between the two of us (i.e., I am DD -- for Dog Daddy) -- in small letters -- throughout the website.


Einee Edit: Except important things like "G-O", "C-A-T", and "P"!

DD: OK, yes, we do have to be carefull in using these words or spellings...
(and he will leave the room -- if I utter, a four-letter word -- like "shoot".)

Einstein: Well, at least -- I CAN COUNT!

Hide D-Tail and Sniff Next

* Show & Hide D-Tail Instructions
Show & Hide D-Tail Instructions

(L) Show D-Tail & (R) Hide D-Tail
(Inserted by Einstein, Director of Marking)

Show and Hide D-Tail:
Edited by Einstein, Director of Marking
(Your initials are just fine -- not your name and your title! And, we really need to talk about this "D-Tail" thing... BEFORE you just DO IT!)

Click links below to...

What Dad's trying to say,
is every time you wag your finger to
(DD: That should read, "click" or "tap")

after you are finished,
you need to wag your finger to

you will automatically be positioned at the next topic
which, if you are like me, you want to "Sniff-out".

Also, just like in the pictures above, you can see

  1. where you've been (scroll up)
  2. where you're going (scroll down)

in the Show and Hide Index (below).

Almost forgot...
There is a Site Map Index at the bottom of the page. too.

Happy Hunting -- as you Sniff and Wag!
(Marked by Einee)

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Commercial Accomplishments
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* World Class Film and Video ReMastering™
(interesting pics)

Commercial Questions Answered
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* What Media Do We ReMaster™ and Virtualize™?

* What Is Digital Remastering?
What Is Digital Remastering?

Digital Remaster
Digital Remastering
Digitally Remastered

all these terms refer to

  1. Digitally improving both
    1. image quality and
    2. color quality
  2. of previously created (i.e., original) moving images
    1. of either cinematic origin or
    2. of videographic origin
  3. to create full-frame video master files
    which are BETTER than the original moving images.

We call this 20/20™ Video

Learn more -- after closing this lilttle window.

Hide D-Tail and Sniff Next
(Eniee! No sniffing references!)

* Introducing 20/20 Video

Introducing 20/20 Video

For A New LQQK™ You Can See™ -- Virtually-For-Ever!™

The Future is now 20/20 Video™

Einee Edit: You can thank me when your read our new slogan!

Why you need 20/20™ Video!


Did you know...UNTIL NOW...

ALL YOUR video tapes and DVD discs are

All YOUR video tapes have some "color bleed" or "color shift".

All YOUR video from movie film "captures"


For All :ReMastered™ Virtual Video:

Virtual Video™ ReEngineering™

For Movie Film -- or Video From Movie Film:

True-To-Life ReSynchronization™

This is a BIG DEAL! True-To-Life™ ReSynchronization™ has never before been possible for images originating from 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm silent films -- and for ALL sound films!
And this only possible with "virtualized' video!

For Either Film or Video:

Custom Post-Production Options Follow:

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* What is Virtualized Video™?

* How Can Video Be Better Than The Original?
(great pics and video)

* What is Movie Film ReColorization™
(has video clip)

Virtual and Physical Video Products
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* Overview Of Virtual Video™ Products

* Overview of Physical Video™ Products

* What makes our drive so much better?

Details On Virtualized™ Products
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* Summary of Virtual Video™ Products

* Virtual Video™ Product Specifications

* Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™ -- Better than a Physical Disc

(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

*Virtual Video™ InterNetFlix™ Viewer
(Videos of Einee & Dad)

Details On Physical™ Products
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* Summary of Physical Products

* Physical Video™ Product Specifications
(lots of pictures)

* Physical Optical Disc Products

* Why DVD Discs Are NOT Archive Worthy

* M-Disc and EMP and CME Events
EMP - Electromagnetic Pulse or
CME - Coronal Mass Ejection

iPhone & Android Product Specifications
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* iPhone & Android Information: (pictures)

Video Approval and Payment Procedures
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* Pay-as-You-Approve Model

Special Bundled Offer

Request a Price Quote

Movie Film: Special Problems
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* Vinegar Syndrome Film and VHS Tapes:

Preserving YOUR Video & Legacy
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* What is a Video Archive System?

* Bottom Line on Video Preservation

Technology Shifts: Ignorance Kills
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* Technology Shifts Destroy Most Video

* Cautions About M-Disc Optical Discs

* EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) or CME (Coronal Mass Ejection)

National Archive Standards
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* Why NARA Is Important To YOU!

* Were YOU Defrauded and Damaged Before?

Modern Archive Methods For YOU
(Click Links to Show / Hide D-Tail)

* Archiving: This Century: This Decade

* Virtual Video™ Archive System™

* New Age Video Preservation Strategy

* Summary of Our Virtual Video™ Archive System™

* Virtual Video™ Archive System™ and NARA

* Out-dated Archive Systems:

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