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Einstein " Einee " : Phd: (Part-time hunting dog)
Director of Marking
Certified: Golden Morkie

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The Morkie is a " designer " breed of dog which is a cross between a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Maltese Terrier.

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*Einstein: Director of Marking

Dog Daddy (DD): Why is your picture above mine?
Einstein: Phd - also stands for Picture higher than Dad's.

Bruce Mayfield, DD (Dog-Daddy)
Computer Scientist / Digital Archivist
BSCS, MBA, MSPsy, Owner

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We Are A World Class Film and Video ReMastering ™Studio

Your ReMastered video deserves to join our list -- of world class productions; and,
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Above: Kilauea Lava Flows


We are the " post-production professionals " behind many privately archived films and videos you may have seen on PBS, History Channel, Netflix, etc.; and in independent documentary videos.

And the list goes on -- for over 20 years of wonderful footage.

You -- and your video -- will be remembered by the company you keep.

Keep Great Company -- With a Great Company!

NOTCE: I am changing the name Film-to-Video.com to VideosR.us -- to reflect our new technical modernization. We feel the new name is shorter, easier for clients to type and remember -- and more Google friendly.

This site -- Film-to-Video.com -- is being re-written to target ONLY "film transfer" technology.

At this time, the new site -- VideosR.us -- is all inclusive -- of movie film, legacy video, and photos services -- until appropriate changes can be made.

The following link takes you to VideosR.us .

Thank you,

Bruce Mayfield

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