ReMaster™ & Virtualize™ Old Movie Film, Video Tapes, DVD Discs

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Bruce Mayfield, DD (Dog-Daddy)
Computer Scientist / Digital Archivist
BSCS, MBA, MSPsy, Owner

Welcome to Everything New From:

It is now 2018 -- that's almost 2020, folks!

Year 2000 is a footnote in history. And everything last century is really, "sooo last century"!

As a Video Post-Production studio, and Computer Scientist, I have moved way beyond video conversion solutions which are, well, "sooo last century"...

Can you believe studios are still selling these services?

These old technologies "captured" video -- but never "liberated", or Virtualized™ video. In fact the concept of Virtualized™ video, or "freeing" video, still escapes (pardon the pun) most studios.

You will find out what Video ReMastering™ and Virtualization™are and why they are so important to you, your company or family -- below.

Old video "capture" technologies "lock your video and you into old, dying technology. This limits you -- and your use -- of your video. "Captured Video" also places a death sentence on your video -- with exparations dates that come at you like stars at warp speed (see Star Wars and Star Trek).

Examples of "capture video" are digital video tapes, video discs, and video files.

Don't panic, YES, we still make M-disc, DVD disc, and Blu-ray discs; but...


Part of our business is "freeing video" -- Virtualizing™ Video -- from optical discs and digital tapes!

Yes, in 2018, many "digital videos" -- tapes, discs, and video file formats -- are now obsolete.

For Example: AVI video (more later)

As a Computer Scientist and Video Archivist, Einstein and I can guide you through the waste land of dead and dying digital video formats, media, and storage devices -- approaching the year, and 2020 decade -- with our 20/20™ Video Services (pun intended).

Modern Video is called Virtual™ Video

If you want modern video with UniVirtual™ Compatibility

Video that plays on

Video that can be stored on

Video that really can survive

Then read on!

On This Website YOU Will...

Discover you can have modern enjoyment and preservation

Discover our unique innovations

Learn what ReMastering™ means.

Learn what Video Virtualization™ means.

.Learn how Virtualized Video™ -- can be made "better than the original.

Learn how Video -- originating from old "captured" movie film images -- can be made "better than the original" movie films.

Learn how WE ReMaster™ and Virtualize™ Video DIRECTLY from old movie films.

Learn you do NOT have to "give up" your video -- and your privacy --

Learn you CAN enjoy your video

Learn how your business or family can

Learn how you can Securely View YOUR video directly from the Internet

Learn how you can have -- AND MAKE -- your own

Learn why recordable DVD --and all optical discs -- Are For Fun; But NOT For the Future!™

Learn which optical discs -- and virtual disc images -- are best for your needs and why.

Learn how you can have video protection and preservation

Browse The Show/Hide Links and Site Map (below) for much more.


Enjoy our website, bookmark it, share it, and use it as a foundation that will serve your video needs.


Check out our products and offers -- and money back guarantee.

Our service is for people

After you read our accomplishments below, you will know

To do that, we get to know our clients' personal or professional objectives for their video -- by talking with you, by tailoring video and products -- for your enjoyment and goals.

We want your video

Special Bundled Offer -- Movie Film Only

Request a Price Quote -- Video OR Movie Film

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What Makes Us Video Experts

* World Class Film and Video ReMastering™

World Class Film and Video ReMastering™

Above: Kilauea Lava Flows


We are the "post-production professionals" behind many privately archived films and videos you may have seen on PBS, History Channel, Netflix, etc.; and in independent documentary videos.

And the list goes on -- for over 20 years of wonderful footage.

Your project deserves to join our list -- of world class productions; and,
you deserve to join our list -- of world class clients.

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What Makes Us Video Experts

* What We Do For You

What We Do For You:

We Digitally ReMaster™ 3 Types of Moving Images

  1. Video Images -- NEVER on MOVIE FILM
  2. Video Images -- ONCE UPON A TIME on MOVIE FILM
  3. Movie Film Images -- STILL on MOVIE FILM

We offer 3 types of services to make these 3 types of moving images look the best they can look.
Or your money back

We create BEFORE and AFTER video images for you -- to see the difference -- which we call our 20/20 service. See more in Show/Hide links below.


Images ON Video -- But ONCE UPON A TIME on Movie Film:

This is one of OUR Post-Production Specialty services. We can been redoing the work of other studios for so long, that we can now take their video -- "captured" from old movie film -- and redo them better, in some cases -- from digital tapes and discs -- than the original movie film itself..

Video Images -- NEVER on MOVIE FILM

There is a reason YesVideo, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Costco and "like" services do not offer BEFORE™ and AFTER™ images -- with a money back guarantee.

We routinely "salvage" video from DVD discs from these companies; and we make their video better -- with BEFORE and AFTER video-- proof of better quality -- or your money back!

Movie Film and Video FROM Movie Film:

We restore the motion and color distorted images -- caused by Telecine Scanners -- when movie film was "captured" to video -- using out dated "film transfer" technology of last century.

Relative to ALL Video and Movie Film Images:

We use DAI™ and Video Virtualization™ Technology
To ReMastered Virtual Video Images that are

Or Your Money Back!

We salvage and improve video from services "like"
YesVideo, Wal-Mart, Costco, and Walgreens, etc.

Quality -- You Will See!

We show you BEFORE and AFTER video
as part of our 20/20™ Video Service (more later).

We use Commercial Grade "Full Frame" Video Master Files

Your Old Video is ReEngineered™

Media & Files We Accept:

You Send Us Your...

Movie Film Types:

8mm Movie Films:

  • 8mm Double
  • 8mm Standard
  • Super 8 and
  • Super 8 Sound

16mm Movie Films:

  • 16mm Silent (15 fps) and
  • 16mm Sound (24 fps)

Video Media Types:

8mm Analogue Video Tape:

  • Sony Video8
  • Sony Hi8

VHS Analogue Video Tape (half inch)

  • VHS,
  • VHS-C
  • S-VHS

Digital Video Tape:

  • Sony Digital 8 (D8)
  • MiniDV
  • HDV on MiniDV tape - by prior agreement only

Optical Discs:

  • DVD and
  • Blu-ray
  • M-Disc

Video File Types:

SSD Video Camera Formats:

  • .MTS
  • .M2TS
  • Any File Format -- you name it!

Post-Production Video Files

  • ProRes,
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • Any File Format -- you name it!

We Work With VHS, VHS-C, and S-VHS, However,

We can not offer a Money Back Warranty for VHS, VHS-C, S-VHS tapes. These last century tapes are considered "video salvage" and ANY images salvaged from these tapes should be considered as "resurrected" from the dead.

Reasons are MOST VHS tapes are copies of other multiple copies or because they were re-recorded in VHS LP (Long Play) mode -- which destroyed the quality of the old analogue images. These tapes are full of snow and streaks and color artifacts.

Another reason is many VHS tape have been "eaten" -- and damaged -- by a VHS tape recorder -- before we ever receive them. This is because most VHS recorders have fallen into disrepair -- with bad "pinch rollers", broken "rubber belts", and "worn-out feeder / ejector trays.

The ferric oxide and adhesives on many of these tapes are now breaking down. In some cases the ferric oxide is sluffing off of their polymer backing; and, in other cases the adhesives are bleeding through the ferric oxide, causing the tape to stick to itself -- within the tape winding.

Nonetheless, we have been very successful in restoring most VHS tapes -- "better than the original".

Sorry, Your Too Late Tape Types:

We no longer offer services for

  • U-Matic
  • Betamax

Post-Production Services

We provide an array of Post-Production Services

Post-Production Products:

From Our ReMastered™ Video Master Files we make

  1. InterNetFlix™ Video Downloader and Viewer

    An Internet App designed for
    a Secure Netfix, Amazon Prime, YouTube "like" experience
    and downloading video files via the Internet.
    See demo and more information below.

  2. Virtual Video™ Products

    Virtual Disc-IMAGE files for
    DVD, Blu-ray & M-Disc (if disc is ordered)

  3. Virtual Video™ Files for

    Editing & Archiving Video
    YouTube files
    iPhone and Android files
    ANY video file customized to your needs or device.

  4. Physical Video™ Products

    DVD, Blu-ray, M-Disc
    DVD N-a-Flash™ Drive
    iPhone XtraMemory™ Card-N-a-Charger™
    Android XtraMemory™ Card-N-a-Charger™
    Virtual Video Library™ Drive

Products for iPhone and Android

  1. Expansion Storage
  2. Off-line Video Files For
  3. Editing and Playing and Uploading

InterNetFlix™ Viewer -- Internet Video Distribution Software

Video Archive System & Strategic Video Archive Planning

  1. We Create a physical drive based Video Archive Library™ -- which you can clone
  2. We Preserve Your Video -- as a Virtual™ Archive System
  3. We provide a On-Board™ Tutorial
  4. We Meet and Exceed Archive Recommendations of
  • The National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)
  • The Library of Congress

What You DON'T Know about DVD Discs WILL Hurt YOU

If you think your video on DVD is permanent, THINK AGAIN!

There is a huge difference between

  1. Commercially Pressed Movie DVD discs -- mass produced by the millions -- and
  2. Recordable DVD discs - used for small quantity videos -- for businesses and individuals.

The first is permanent; the second is very temporary!


In October 2007, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) banned the use of recordable DVD discs -- for archive purposes -- in all Federal agencies. Much more on this later - and in the Site Map below (See How Pigs Fly and DVD Longevity Soars!)

Were YOU Defrauded With a DVD?

NARA Guidelines have NOT changed to this very day.

No where is it written that NARA guidelines do not apply to corporations -- preserving video for the public.

That is to say, UNLESS you are writing -- to obstruct NARA Guidelines -- to sell DVD discs for "archive purposes" -- with words in the title like "gold" or "archive" -- along with words selling your "professional" video archive services!

Since 2007, many so called "video preservation" companies have obstructed NARA warnings -- failing to tell the public NARA Guidelines for recordable DVD discs.

These companies are also "negligent", in my opinion, by selling "archive DVD discs" or "gold DVD discs" -- using either the words or pictures of "gold" DVD discs -- without restating NARA Guidelines -- to protect the unsuspecting public.

Note that "gold" has been marketed as "better" after longevity test failed to support this claim by the RECORDABLE DVD discs Industry, in my opinion. I support my opinion with facts and statistics, in How Pigs Fly and DVD Longevity Soars (below).

Buyer Beware: Two Standards of Service

In stark contrast, commercial and corporate video services, like our company, reference NARA guidelines -- on behalf of our clients. This is because of risk of damage to client's video archives -- say nothing of the resulting legal retribution -- should we obstruct and negligently ignore NARA Guidelines.

For Example: In the commercial world it is understood that a contract for creating a DVD -- includes both a "master file" and a "DVD disc image file" - because these are "production assets" -- required to backup and protect the DVD, and to edit and recreating a new version of the DVD disc "master" -- later in time. These files are in fact not only "part of the DVD" -- but more important than the DVD itself! This is because EVERYONE KNOWS -- IN THE COMMERCIAL VIDEO INDUSTRY -- recordable DVD discs are temporary -- ACCORDING TO NARA GUIDELINES.

Commercial Clients can bring legal action against a "negligent" act -- like not providing a them both the "master file" and "virtual disc image" associated with making a physical DVD disc.

Why should the "commercial standard" -- that protects a company like PBS -- be different for a "single woman" or "black man" or "poor minority family" -- to protect them?

Yet companies and corporations "obstruct" NARA warnings to the public and "obstruct" NARA Guidelines -- every day of the week -- since October, 2007. More on this later.

Where We Stand on Standards and NARA Guidelines

We have always treated commercial and consumer clients equally -- just because it is the right thing to do.

We have always given every client "full frame" digital master tapes and digital backup tapes since 1999. After that, we moved to "full frame" master tapes and hard drives, now we promoting Progressive Frame Virtualization, drive cloning, and media diversity -- as the best way to preserve video.

Our Progressive Frame Virtualization™ exceeds NARA guidelines.

I offer proof on what I say below.


When catastrophic disaster strikes, people start looking for "The 3 P's".

  1. People
  2. Pets
  3. Pictures

I know this first hand.

Domestic Loss: The loss of moving pictures (video) is second only to the death of a person or pet. Thus moving pictures are the last link with the living. This lost is "heart felt" and very real "pain and suffering". The loss of video is psychologically a "second death".

Commercial Loss: Video supplements "live labor" in training and "live talent" in advertising. The loss of video means this trading and talent must be re-created -- at the cost of time and money -- to once again promote the interests of the company.

If you have recordable DVD discs older than 5 years old, you should run, not walk, to watch them -- your home movies or company training tapes -- beginning to end.

If they are still in good shape -- but "captured" to DVD -- get them to us ASAP; we can "liberate" them -- and YOU -- from their "medium of captivity" -- and the technology "death" shift now taking place in the DVD Industry.

We can provide both the technology and strategy to preserve your DVD video -- "for real" --
Virtually For EVER!™ We can also provide you with DVD disc images of your DVD -- so YOU can "burn" as many DVD discs as you and your company or family will EVER want or need.

If your DVD disc have problems, call us, we may have a solution.

If your DVD discs don't work, we can at least try to salvage something.

In the last two cases, we can add your name to our growing list of people with both DVD -- and possibly alleged emotional -- "damages".

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* What Is Digital Remastering?
What Is Digital Remastering?

Digital Remaster
Digital Remastering
Digitally Remastered

all these terms refer to

  1. Digitally improving both
    1. image quality and
    2. color quality
  2. of previously created (i.e., original) moving images
    1. of either cinematic origin or
    2. of videographic origin
  3. to create full-frame video master files
    which are BETTER than the original moving images.

We call this 20/20™ ReMastered™ Virtualized Video™

Hide D-Tail and Sniff Next Link

* What is Virtualized Video™?

What is Virtualized Video™?

Eniee Edit:

Before you get covered in Geek Speak™, here's the bottom line:

Captured™ Video is "soooo last century!"
Virtual™ Video is happening now!

Just say these words out loud, "it is now 2018'. That's almost 20 years since "last century"!

(End Einee Edit: ...back to the Geek Speak!)

To understand "Virtual™ Video" you must first understand its opposite -- "Captured™ Video" of last century.

If you have ever lost video

then you know how the life of video -- is tied to the physical death of MEDIA and/or the MEDIA PLAYER.

Any video medium you own is "captured video".

For Example:

8mm Analogue Video Tape:

VHS Analogue Video Tape (half inch)

Digital Video Tape:

Optical Discs:

Obsolete or Proprietary Video Files

Yes, video files -- THAT ARE NOT UNIVERSALLY VIRTUALIZED -- can imprison video. If you own any of the video files above -- and find them hard -- if not impossible -- to use, then you know what I mean.

Captured Video™ -- is imprisoned video.

The life of "captured video" is directly

Many video files (and video media) are bound to (captured to) a brand of computer or to a brand of video player or to a brand of software. Apple owners know this fact well-- and so do PC owners.

Examples of captured video:

DVD discs, Blu-ray discs, all tapes, many out-dated virtual files -- like AVI;
all proprietary files -- like Apple ProRes, and all native video files -- without digital wrappers.

technology DEATH shifts are the greatest "killer" of "captured video".

technology DEATH shifts takes place when an entire Industry disappears OR changes everything!

For example, last decade...

  1. the Video Tape Industry disappeared;
  2. the CD Music Industry has disappeared,
  3. Mac and PC computers "changed everything" video
  4. NOW the DVD disc Industry is DISAPEARING.

Even if you OWN a perfectly good video medium, it is "dead" to you -- if you have no way to "play it". If you own a tape deck that eats tapes; or if your disc player skips or gets stuck; or if you have an old Windows XP machine or Mac G4 or G5 -- then you know what I mean.

Einee Edit: Getting kind of depressing here... THINK FUN THOUGHTS -- like chasing C-A-T-S!
DD: OK, Einstein, I'll discuss the bliss of Virtual Video™...

Virtualized Video™ -- is free state (i.e., liberated) digital video -- with the potential to live Virtually For EVER!™. The video is self-contained -- with no need for any one physical medium. It is cheap and easy to duplicate -- thousands of times -- or more!. After that, each of those thousand or more video files, has the potential to be duplicated -- another thousands times -- or more! On and on forever!

Universally Digitally Compatible and Universally Digitally Transportable "digital container".

The antonym (i.e., opposite) of a "free virtual state" is a "captured physical state".

The life of the Virtualized Video™ is NOT imprisoned by the death sentence (damage or technology DEATH shift) of any one video medium.

Einee: Geek Speak Edit:


Think of Virtual™ Video -- as you -- free to travel -- virtually anywhere, virtually anyway -- in a car or in a pickup truck, or in a helicopter, or in a plane or in a boat, etc.

In stark contrast, think of "Captured Video" -- as you -- in prison -- for life -- on death row. (The END)


End Einee Edit (your welcomed!)

Video Virtualization™:

Virtualization™ is a process that liberates video --

Think of your video -- itself -- as "one thing" -- and think of the medium (i.e., physical disc, tape, etc. it is stored on) -- as "another thing".

The two "things" are no long "bound" (i.e., captured) one to the other.

Virtual Video™ is "free" of any one medium -- and compatible with all media.

Virtually Free™ Video -- Virtually For EVER!™

In a "free digital state", video becomes Universally Virtually Compatible™ (i.e., UniVirtually™ Compatible) with the largest possible number of

  1. storage mediums -- like DVD and Blu-ray
  2. storage devices -- like SSD and hard drives
  3. computer platforms -- like Mac and PC
  4. virtual cloud drives -- like iCloud and Dropbox.

To Share or Clone Virtual Video™ Files:

You -- or your clients or family members --
can just Drag-N-Drop™ Virtual Video™Files to

  1. ANY storage medium
  2. ANY storage device
  3. ANY computer platform
  4. ANY virtual cloud drive

Virtually For EVER!™

Video Reproduction (Digital Cloning) -- Key to Long Term Survival

Bottom Line:

Virtual Video™ can be reproduced (i.e.,digitally cloned) -- cheap and easy -- scores, hundreds, thousands -- or millions -- of time.

NOTE: The terms "copy" "transfer" and "duplication" ALL technically allow for the end result video to be of a lower quality than the original video. Digital Cloning, on the other hand, does NOT allow for variance in quality.

For Example: Duplicating or Copying one DVD to another DVD ALWAYS creates an inferior DVD. This is because the recording is not standardized -- and creates "recording errors" mixed in with your video. Copy a DVD -- copies old errors and long with video data -- and adds to that, new data errors -- leaving the resulting "new copy" CLOSER to data block failure -- than the old original DVD disc!

The only way to "clone" a DVD, is to use the same Virtual DVD Disc-IMAGE™ to burn two DVD discs.

The great thing about Virtual™ Disc-IMAGES is, they CAN be "cloned" thousands of times, to any media -- for the next thousand years and beyond! And every one will be identical!

Theoretically, a DVD burned in 2018, using a cloned Virtual DVD Disc-IMAGE™, will be the same as a DVD burned in 3018.

Thus the life of the video -- is multiplied -- by the number of times the virtual video is reproduced -- with each virtual video replication having its own as free state -- its own independent life -- as Virtual Video™.

The replication of the exact same Virtual Video™ -- a free-state digital file -- can go on and on --
Virtually For EVER!™

Virtual Video Is Extremely Portable

All streaming video via the Internet is virtualized video.

Examples of virtual video: Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Roku, PlayStation VUE, etc.

Our InterNetFlix™ Viewer gives YOU a way to give your family, friends, or clients SECURE / PRIVATE Internet base video.

At risk of repeating myself, Virtual Video is transportable (digitally clonable) on

  1. ANY storage medium
  2. ANY storage device
  3. ANY computer platform
  4. ANY virtual cloud drive

Virtually For EVER!™

Still... "want your video only on a DVD"?

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* What are 20/20™ Video Services?

What are 20/20™ Video Services


  1. ReMastering™ Movie Film -- to Virtual Video™
  2. ReMastering™ Legacy Video from Movie Film - to Virtual Video™
  3. ReMastering™ Legacy Video -- to Virtual Video™

We offer 20/20 Video Services -- for all our services.

What 20/20 Means:

The old saying, "Hind-sight is 20/20" -- means QUALITY can only be determined -- once you have a BEFORE and AFTER perspective -- of "quality".

That's why we give you two types of "master files":

A 20/20 DIFFERENCE YOU CAN SEE!™ -- Or your money back!

See The 20/20 Difference -- Yourself!

The following example is of

BEFORE™ Video ...........................AFTER™ Video

Title: Ride'm Cowboy

(All images copyrighted by Bruce Mayfield 2017)

DIFFERENCE: True-to-Life™ Color

  1. (Left) "Red face" is now (Right) "flesh colored";
  2. (L) Red shirt is (R) now brilliant red;
  3. (L) Drab grass is (R) now crisp green grass;
  4. (L) Blue cast tree bark (R) is now natural dark brown:
  5. (L) Washed-out TV picture (R) now has HDTV depth;
  6. (L) Grandpa's green hair -- (R) is now natural grey.

Color DIFFERENCES -- YOU can see!

We offer optional True-to-Life™ Color - custom ReColorization of video.

Usually ReColorization is for video -- made from movie films -- whether...

However; we can ReColorize™ ANY video!

DIFFERENCE: Progressive Scan ReEngineering:

The ORIGINAL VIDEO above is from an interlaced "film transfer" over 10 years ago -- pre-HDTV era -- from MiniDV tape.

ALL your ReMastered™Video -- from ANY interlaced video -- will be ReEngineered as Progressive Scan Video -- to look the best it can look -- on modern 4K,UD and HD displays -- and via the Internet.

We "Virtualize Video™"

Virtualization means -- to "Free Video" - from any one captured medium -- as a self-contained video file.
This means video will work

And the LIFE of the video will last -- Virtually For EVER!™

Most companies "Capture Video™" -- usually to DVD disc or to a restrictive video format.

Virtualization and Capture are two mutually exclusive concepts
(i.e., DIFFERENT AND OPPOSITE Einee Edit, thank me later).

Product Differences

I am a Computer Scientist -- which means
YOU get THE BEST video products possible.

For Example:

  1. I have optimized the quality -- of existing video products -- that you already know and love -- like DVD and Blu-ray -- using Dual Pass Rendering -- for the highest video quality those standards will support.

  2. I also offer New Technology video products -- not offered by other companies --so you can actually use your with video with latest "smart" technology and the Internet distribution.

    A few these "new products" are

    • InterNetFlix™ Viewer -- a Virtual Video™ Internet Distribution App -- to view and download you videos -- Globally and Securely -- via the Internet. (Einee Edit: the Morkie word you are groping for is "share")

    • InterNetFlix N-a-Flash™ Dive -- InterNetFlix™ Viewer (above) loaded as a "stand-alone" application for your computer. Your can also upload the drive to your website -- as "back-door" to your website.

    • DVD N-a-Flash™ Drive - to play and clone your entire DVD Disc-IMAGE™ Library -- from a tiny flash drive -- to any other type drive -- the Internet Cloud -- and to "burn" physical DVD discs -- on a Mac or PC.

    • Virtual™ Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGES™ -- for DVD and for Blu-ray:

      Virtual Disc-IMAGES™ are "stand-a-lone" virtual products in their own right -- playable on most "media players"; however, Virtual™ Disc-IMAGES™ can also be used to "burn" physical DVD discs, physical Blu-ray discs, or physical M-DISCS. Assuming you have those type Read/Write drives attached to your computer -- PC or Mac.

    • ReMastered™ Master Files -- These are the most important files in your Video Archive System -- used to make ALL other video products (above and more). Master Files are Progressive Scan Full-Frame -- Every Frame, and High Resolution -- for making products for K4/UD/HD displays.

    • iPhone and Android Upgrades:

      • XtraMemory Card™ - iPhone / iPad / Android (up to 256 Gb)

      • Card-N-a-Charger™ -- Memory Card Reader / Smart Device Charger
        for iPhone / Android / Mac / PC

  3. My video products work
    1. with any smart device -- like iPhone / Android - or
    2. Computer: Mac or PC -- and
    3. are UniVirtually™ Compatible -- with any storage device.

Services Specific to Movie Film or Video FROM Movie Film

If you have

Click here for important information about...

*True-to-Life™ Speed and Motion

DIFFERENCE: True-to-Life™ Speed and Motion

Movie Film -- and Video FROM Movie Film -- can offer two different experiences -- from the exact same footage -- playing at different speeds.

For Example:

Ten years ago, the video above -- "captured via Telecine Scanner" --originally ran too fast -- 25% faster -- than you see it now. Ten years ago, Grandfather looked like a "bucking bronco" -- trying to kill his grandson.

Today -- after being ReMastered using DAI™ Technology -- and forever more -- the clip runs at True-to-Life Speed with True-to-Life Motion. You can now see for yourself how how careful and gentle Grandpa was -- and how much he loved his grandson.

DIFFERENCE: Why True-to-Live™ Motion IS Important

When VIDEO images, from movie films, move TOO FAST -- faster than live action -- then the experience of "almost being there" -- to re-live special moments -- with family, friends, or colleges -- is lost -- lost forever!

In the first half of LAST CENTURY -- the era of "movie film" -- Speed/Motion Distortion -- was NEVER part of original movie film "viewing experience".

However, in the second half of last century -- the video tape era -- "telecine scanners" were invented -- to convert movie film images to video images.

Telecine Scanners Were An Imperfect Technology

Telecine Scanners introduced

  1. crude motion distortion,
  2. gross color distortion,
  3. black & white distortion
  4. duplicated frames,
  5. sound distortion, and
  6. interlaced linear artifacts
  7. into video images

that were NOT in the original movie film.

In the era of 4K UD HD displays, these imperfections are amplified beyond the obvious -- into the obnoxious!

Speed/Motion Distortion:

In layman's terms...

Speed/Motion Distortion was/is introduced
by old fashioned "telecine film scanners".

For video from 8mm and 16mm silent films

A "telecine scanner"-- last century technology -- crams

For video from Super 8 films

A "telecine scanner"-- last century technology -- crams

Right now, your VIDEO Images (from movie film) are too fast, too.


DAI™ and Virtualization™ corrects Speed/Motion Distortion.


Why would anyone accept crude motion distortion -- in 2018?

Maybe watching movie film run too fast -- is funny -- for a couple seconds or minutes -- but it is NOT funny for hours. It is certainly not funny -- every single time -- you want to re-visit the images, and savor the emotions, of your movie film images.

Now -- if and when you want "funny" -- there is the speed control button -- on your video player control.

Speed/Motion Distortion

Bottom Line:

Your images deserve the dignity and respect of True-to-Life™ Motion.

Your movie film images do not deserve to be "laughing stock" footage -- forever!

With DAI™ Technology, you can reverse the Motion Distortion of last century's Telecine Technology Imperfections -- to have:

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* How Can Video Be Better Than The Original?

How Video Can Be Better Than The Original

See for yourself below.

We use the latest digital technologies to re-engineer your video to the highest quality standards that modern video format technology supports.

Digital Algorithmic Interpolation™ (DAI)

DAI™ (i.e., Digital Algorithmic Interpolation) is our proprietary technology.

DAI™ is used to ReMaster™ video from Interlaced Video to Progressive Scan Video -- retaining both horizontal and vertical resolution of the original video.

DAI makes high grade video -- like Video8, Hi8, Digital8 (D8) and MiniDV -- look almost like movie film.

Better yet, DAI makes video --
which originated FROM movie film --
look LIKE the original movie film.

For Example:

Interlaced to Progressive Scan using DAI™:

Original Full Frame of Tiny 8mm Film

Before DAI™: 400 Zoom - see flags above

After DAI™: 400 Zoom

True-to-Life™ Motion and True-to-Life™ Speed

Video After DAI

DAI™ is used with video -- that originated FROM movie film.

DAI™ allows us to use modern video synchronization technology that gives your video True-to-Life™ Motion and True-to-Life™ Speed.

DAI™ eliminates the need for last century Telecine Film Transfer Technology -- still used by most companies -- which...

  • Distorts both speed and motion of the moving images
  • Distorts images with INTERLACED video
  • Distorts images with
  • Distorts images with 3:2 pull-down "motion judder"
  • Distorts color with Bland and White Color Correction (NOT!) which forces some random color to white and some random color to black and distorts all other colors between black and white to funny color.

None of these distortions were in the original movie film -- and

most of these distortions can be removed or minimized from your video FROM movie film.

Video Tape Improvement

Above: 3-Color-Displacement
(sample from a 4th generation VHS video)

Above: 3-Color RGB ReAlignment Correction

Dual-Pass Rendering™ (DPR)

DPR (i.e., Dual-Pass Rendering™) is a two-step (i.e., dual-pass) rendering method used for commercial grade partial-frame video like MPEG-2 (i.e., DVD Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™) and H.264/MP4 (i.e., Blu-ray Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™) video files.

DPR compresses video (from your ReMastered™ video master files) into video that can be conveniently used on the Internet and on Optical Discs -- with video quality that rivals the ReMastered™ video master files.

DPR creates additional video frames (see picture below)

  • To smooth motion on 4K/UD/HD displays and
  • To add resolution to objects in motion -- so that they retain their original shape.

For Example:

  • A flying ball -- looks like ball (not a bird);
  • A flying bird -- looks like bird (not a ball).

Above: Dual-Pass Rendering Using Group of Picture (GOP) Analysis

Dual-Pass Rendering analyzes a Group Of Pictures (GOP) to create more detail in your moving images. After an "Analysis Pass", the two center frames would be created -- for smoother motion and additional resolution of motion -- using Dual-Pass Rendering.

Video and Film Capture:

On the other hand, "capturing video" -- is " STRipping™ video".

Video Capture Equipment -- like Telecine Scanners or Tape-to-DVD recorders -- use Single-Pass Rendering. There is no "Analysis Pass"; Thus, single-pass rendering omits (i.e., STRip out) the two center frame of video -- creating a stark motion -- by today's standards.

Bottom line:

What was impossible last century -- is unacceptable this century. You should NOT be accepting or paying for "video capture" STRipping services.

Video Virtualization™ -- using DAI™I and DPR -- is the new standard for video quality.

In Technical Terms:

Group Of Pictures (GOP) Analysis of Predictive and Bi-predictive frames in a Dual-Pass Rendering would include the CREATION OF THE TWO CENTER FRAMES (above) and would add more resolution to video motion.

Why this is important to you, follows:

  1. Hand-held camcorder video -- with rapid and unstable motion -- like home movies -- CAN BE more stable. We can now slow down this motion -- to more enjoyable speeds. Key to this process is Dual-pass Rendering -- which fills in the gaps with additional "smoothing" frames.

    Last century technology -- with single-pass rendering -- makes "hand held" motion worse -- complete with eye strain and headaches.

  2. Video that is ReEngineered™ from Interlaced video -- into Progressive Scan Video --preserves the vertical resolution of the image -- on today's High Def and Ultra Def displays.

    Last century's single-pass rendering Tape-to-DVD Combo Recorders can NOT do this.

  3. Video -- that originates FROM movie film -- is both interlaced and moves too fast; but "True-to-Life Speed and Motion"can be restored -- as Progressive Scan Video -- for today's 4K/UD/HD displays.

    Last century's single-pass film telecine scanners can NOT do this.
    Last century's single-pass Tape-to-DVD Combo recorders can NOT do this.

What This Means To You:

A ReMastered™ DVD -- that is the highest quality -- the MPEG-2 Video Standard will support -- because it INCLUDES Predictive and Bi-predictive frames -- as Progressive Scan video.

Same for H.264/MP4: ReMastered Video

The Opposite of ReMastering™ Virtual Video™

Most video capture services -- calling their services many things.

  • "Film Transfer Services" or
  • "Video Copy Services" or
  • "Video Duplication Services" or
  • "Video Transfer Services",. etc.

In the end, What You Get with other Studios:

  1. a STRripped™ DVD disc -- as interlaced video
  2. a mp4 file -- Ripped™ from the DVD disc
  3. a lie -- that your DVD disc is "archive worthy"

What You Do NOT Get

  1. A full-frame master file -- say nothing of Progressive Scan master
  2. A DVD Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE file -- to make more DVD discs
  3. A Flash Drive --- with all you DVD Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGES on it

Single-Pass Rendering -- or Ripping™ Video

Creates an intermediate, full-frame video file. File content is limited to preserving only the first and the last original frames of video -- above.

There are good ways and bad ways to Rip™ Video. Using Composite video (i.e., RCA) is bad. Using S-Video or Component RGB is better.

Ripping™ video is a gateway from last century technology -- into digital technology. However, Ripping video can NOT create the two center frames of video nor create progressive scan video.

Single-Pass " STRipping™ " Video

STRipping™ video is the counterfeit of Ripping™ video.

Strips-out much of the original video by reducing "original video frame" to only a part of the original frame -- called a "partial frame". This is also called "lossy compression".

STRipping video is used to "capture video" to one DVD disc "on-the-fly" -- in "real time".

Referring to the picture above, the fist frame -- and only parts of the last frame -- are used. The two center frames never happen. This is the lowest quality video the MPEG-2 Standard will support and still work.

Effects on Video Tapes & Movie Film:

All Tape-to-DVD combo recorders use Single-Pass " STRipping™ ".
Most Telecine Machines use Single-Pass " STRipping™ ".

Real-Time Video Capture is usually STRipped™ to a DVD disc.

Since "STRipped video" means you don't get all your video, you are "robbed" of much of your original video images -- video that you think you are paying -- to have saved.

Since there is no Video Analysis and Frame Predicting Pass, the two center frames -- Predictive and Bi-predictive frames -- are omitted -- or "STRipped-off".

Since these frames "should have been there", the customer -- paying for a high quality DVD -- is "defrauded". Finally, when this video is displayed on HDTV or UHDTV, the motion in the video is "jerky" and "objects in motion" have distorted shapes.

Companies advertising "Telecine Machines" or " Tape-to-DVD Transfer" are advertising they offer inferior video -- and assume the public is too dumb to understand.

Dual-Pass Rendering™ Video (DPR)

Dual-Pass Rendering (DPR) is complex. There are smart ways and default ways to do it.

The way we do it -- takes longer and is harder -- but gives you

  1. The first and last "original frames" above -- as Progressive Scan Video
  2. Plus the Predictive P-Frame and the Bi-predictive B-Frame above.

We start with Digital ReMastering -- creating master files using DAI. The advantage is, DAI creates all the original and predictive frames above -- as "full progressive frames" -- of digital video.

Having the most -- and the best -- video information to work with -- prior to DPR -- gives you be best images -- and most (i.e., resolute) images possible!


A Film or Video "Capture" -- "STRips™ Video"

  1. STRips video of both original and potential image quality:
    1. Compressing Whole Original Frames to Partial STRipped Frames
    2. Omitting Virtual Video Predictive P-Frame H.264/MP4 Video
    3. Omitting Virtual Video Bi-predictive B-Frame H.264/MP4 Video
  2. Omitting Full Frame Master Files -- in Progressive Scan Video
  3. Omitting Dual-pass Rendered Virtual Video Products
    1. Omitting Virtual DVD Disc-IMAGES™
    2. Omitting Virtual Blu-ray Disc-IMAGES™

What This Means To You:

Video of lesser quality -- than your original images!

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* What is Movie Film ReColorization™?

What is Movie Film ReColorization™

The difference between ReColorization™ and ordinary Color Balance is, ReColorization™ can actually change one color at at time -- retaining the natural -- "true color temperature" -- of all other colors. Colors which are already "good", stay good, colors that need ReColorization™ can be changed -- one at a time -- as needed.

We have a specialty service that ReColorizes™images -- from movie film -- whether the images originate from the original movie film, or whether the images come secondarily from VIDEO -- that came FROM an old "movie film transfer" or "movie film capture".

We have a high degree of success from the latter, if the video is digital video or analogue video from 8mm Hi8 or Video8 video tape.

We can also apply ReColorization™ to any video footage -- shot on camcorders -- whereby we restore color in "bad lighting" situations. Like images under florescent bulbs, images in some low-light settings -- like in a church chapel, or bright sunlight, etc.

What You Want To Avoid

Old fashioned Telecine Machines utilize Black & White Balance -- also called Auto Color Correction. However, unlike the name implies, In the end, the color is never "correct' -- say nothing of "natural".


In nature pure white is only found in a few flowers, not in natural sunlight.
In nature shadows are NEVER pure black.

Nonetheless, White Balance -- forces some random color-- like sky blue -- that is NEVER white -- to become white; and Black Balance -- forces some random shadow that is NEVER black -- to be black.

But that is NOT the BAD NEWS!

The BAD NEWS IS, ALL colors shift -- at random -- to be some artificial color compromise;. and the subtle tones and shades of the original movie film is lost .

For example, the yellow sunlight on a sidewalk becomes harsh grey and white. The subtle blues and reds and yellows of Sunsets and Sunrises -- become muddy orange. You can see the difference in the example below -- which you may want to watch again as a "review".

You may have seen this clip above, but you may find it helpful for review.

Movie Film ReColorized™: Before & After

Split Columns Show "Before and After" Improvements :

Original Video_______|____ Enhanced Video

Title: Ride'm Cowboy DOWNLOAD (disabled)

(All images copyrighted by Bruce Mayfield 2017)

Description of Custom ReColorization™

Yes, this is me.


  1. My "red face" is "now flesh colored";
  2. Grass is now green grass and sharper;
  3. Red shirt is true red;
  4. Blue cast tree bark is now dark brown:
  5. washed-out picture now has HDTV depth;
  6. grandpa's green hair and shirt -- are natural grey;
  7. originally video moved 25% faster, but now the motion has
    "True-to-Life™ Motion" at "True-to-Life™ Speed".

The ORIGINAL is from a "film transfer" over 10 years ago -- pre-HDTV era.
The ReColorized is ReMastered™ Video (not movie film) -- as Progressive Scan.

A picture is worth a thousand words; BUT...
MY Virtual Video™ -- Says it all.


And YOUR OWN EYE -- does not lie!

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Video Preservation & Virtualization
Very Important!

* What is a Video Archive System?

What is a Video Archive System?

A video archive system is a "method" -- not "a thing" -- for preserving virtualized video content.

Our Virtual Video™ Archive System™ incorporates many existing computer hardware technologies -- without relying on any one of them -- to protect video content -- long term.

The key to video preservation is

  1. Cheap and Easy Reproduction
  2. Cheap and Easy Migration
  3. Cheap and Easy Use.

For example:

We ReMaster and Virtualize (i.e., diversify) your video content for...

Cheap and Easy Reproduction

  1. "virtual" master files,
  2. "virtual" disc images, and
  3. "virtual" compressed video files.

You (or we) can then spread (i.e., diversify) your "Virtual Video™ Products" (i.e.,via file cloning, sharing and storing) -- over many technologies -- for...

Cheap and Easy Migration To...

Finally, the Virtual Video is available -- anywhere, anytime --- you are.

Cheap and Easy Use

Using -- the same video content -- on many media technologies -- is possible -- ONLY because Virtual Video™ files, themselves, are self-contained, diversified, and can exist -- independent of any one computer hardware technology.

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* Bottom Line on Video Preservation

Bottom Line on Video Preservation

For purposes of archiving (i.e., preserving) video, there are two distinctions:

  1. "Captured Video" -- imprisons video on one medium -- can not survive a technology DEATH shift.
  2. "Virtualized Video" -- frees video from any medium -- can survive many technology DEATH shifts.

Virtualization™ is the reason, Virtual Video™ Products have the highest probability of survival -- in a raging sea of many technology DEATH shifts -- over time -- Virtually For EVER!™

Because Virtualized Video™ files are self-contained and universally compatible, Virtualized Video™ files can be adapted

The archive "method" (i.e., Video Archive System) spreads -- the same video content --

The same video content -- can survive -- many technology DEATH shifts.

Most importantly, video functionally -- becomes part of -- video preservation. Cheap to reproduce and easy to use video -- becomes critical to its own survival.

On the other hand, a video -- in a lock box or safety deposit box -- is doomed.

Bottom line: Spreading video around

  1. means spreading video risk
  2. means spreading video survival rate
  3. means sharing more joy with more people!

FOOT NOTE: Most people think a recordable DVD disc is an "archive medium". What they do not know is,The National Archives (NARA) abandoned all dye-based recordable optical disc -- for archive purposes -- back in 2007 -- and advised the pubic and business -- to do the same. The Library of Congress did the same, as did IBM. I offer proof of all this later.

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Our Video Products:
(V) = Virtual Products
(P) = Physical Products

* Overview Of All Video Products

Overview Of All Video Products

Virtual™ and Physical™ Video Products

"Virtual" is the word used when talking about products that exist only in "a digital energy state".

"Physical" is the word used when talking about products that exist only in a "solid material state".

As we are all learning, in our age of digital computers, digital energy can "act like" physical matter -- and thus we can now make "digital products" -- which we call Virtual™ Products. People can get confusing when we offer them both the Physical and the Virtual version -- of the same product.

For Example: The product we call a DVD -- is produced as both a Virtual Disc and a Physical Disc. In the world of commercial video production, the Virtual DVD -- also called a "disc image" -- is created in a "Dual-Pass Render" process . The Virtual DVD -- Disc Image -- is then "burned" onto the Physical DVD -- to produce what all of us traditionally think about -- as being a DVD -- a physical DVD Disc.

Providing a client with a Virtual DVD empowers them to "burn" as many Physical DVDs as they could ever dream of having. But Virtual DVD disc images will last -- Virtually For EVER!™ So it is a good idea to spread both types of DVDs around your friends and family -- to be passed on -- Virtually For EVER!™

Virtualization takes the DVD standard far beyond the limits of a physical DVD disc. When a Virtual DVD -- Disc Image -- is "repackaged" with new or different technologies - new uses for DVD appear.

For Example: The Virtual DVD disc image can also be copied to a flash drive, hard drive, the Internet -- and the Virtual DVD video can still be played -- just like a Physical DVD disc.

Imagine being able to play your entire collection of DVDs -- from a flash drive -- and copy the flash drive to any ones computer. We call that product DVD N-a-Flash™ drive.

Using a DVD disc image via a "cloud drive" gives the viewer a Netflix or YouTube "like" experience; however, using MP4 video is more efficient with limited bandwidth. That's what our InterNetFlix™ Viewer is all about.

Bottom line: Virtualization of a diversified "video files" library opens the door to new uses for video -- and allows us all to still keep our (physical) DVD discs -- for as long as we want to use them.

And we have not even talked about Blu-ray, M-Disc, Hard Drives, or Cloud Drives!

The following outline is a brief explanation of both Virtual Video Products -- denoted by (V) -- and Physical Video Products --- denoted by (P). What I hope you see, is the importance of "master files" -- and how they are used to create a cascade of both Virtual™ and Physical™ Video Products -- some you have never seen or watched before.

Starting from your film or video media ("like" pictured above), we make

Virtual™ Master Files (V)

First: The Original Media™ Master files (V)
Also called BEFORE™ video
(BEFORE Video ReEngineering™)

Original Media™ Master files are ReEngineered™ to make

Second: The ReMastered™ Master files (V)
Also called AFTER™ video
(AFTER Video ReEngineering™)

ReMastered™ Master files are the most important video files in your video archive because they are used to make ALL

  1. Virtual™ Video Products -- designated by (V)
    which in turn are used to make ALL
  2. Physical™ Video Products -- designated by (P)
  3. And all new video products -- that will be dreamed up in the future.

Virtual™ Master File Options:

You may order Commercial Grade Master files like...
Apple ProRes, Uncompressed (RAW), Motion JPEG, etc.

You will need specialized hardware and software to support these video file formats.

Default Master: DVCPro Progressive (best for small business and consumers)

  1. Retains all video data from film and video;
  2. Compatible on both Mac and PC;
  3. Good "match" for 4:3 small format video and movie films;
  4. Does not "Hyper-Format" the original image into digital artifacts;
  5. Progressive Scan Video;
  6. Scales well to all displays -- including 4K

From your ReMastered Images, we make your...

Other Virtual™ Video Products:

Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™ Files (V)
(also called Disc-IMAGE™ files for short)

Virtual Video™ H.264/MP4 Files (V)

Used for both Internet and 4K/UD/HD display

  • Virtual H.264/MP4 files - Smart Phone
  • Virtual H.264/MP4 files - YouTube / HDTV

Virtual Video™ MP4 files are used in Physical™ Video Products like

  • XtraMemory™ Card N-a-Charger™ (P) -- for iPhone or Android
  • MP4 N-a-Flash™ Drive (P)

H.264/MP4 Files are also used in our proprietary software product...

  • InterNetFlix™ Viewer (V)
  • An Internet based Video Player and Downloader

Once we make all the Virtual™ Video Products above,
we can then make the most important Physical™ Video Product


Your original movie film images and/or source video media images become

  1. Original Media™ Master files
  2. ReMastered™ Master files -- which becomes
  3. many Virtual™ Video Products -- which become
  4. many Physical™ Video Products

The most important Physical™ Video Product is your

Virtual Video™ Library Drive -- which contains

  • All Virtual™ Video Products
  • Including Virtual™ Master Files
  • InterNetFlix™ Viewer & All H.264/MP4 files
  • On-board Tutorial
  • On-board Media Player'

Other Physical Products optionally include

  • DVD discs
  • Blu-ray discs
  • M-Discs
  • Various Flash Drive products
  • Various iPhone or Android Products

Bottom Line: You receive most of these products -- for just a little more

  1. than other companies charge
  2. for "just a DVD".
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* Overview of Physical™ Video Product

Overview of Physical™ Video Products

Virtual Video™ Library Drive


NOTE: Most clients order 2 or 4 drives -- for safety.

Our drive starts with an off-the-shelf drive, and then we do our magic -- creating a "Smart Drive™". No Dumb drives allowed!

Physical Video™ Optical Disc Products

Physical Video™ Flash Drives

  • DVDs N-a-Flash™ drive (optional)
  • MP4s N-a-Flash™ drive (optional)
  • InterNetFlix™ N-a-Flash™ drive (standard)

  • XtraMemory™ Card for Smart Phones

    Photo shows SD "sized" adaptor and MicroSD card.


    iPhone Card-N-a-Charger™ (optional)
    Android Card-N-a-Charger™ (optional)

    Works with XtraMemory Card (above) in both sizes shown.

    No need to "jail break" your iPhone.
    This product is Apple Approved!
    Free App on Apple App Store. Same for Android phones! Other Uses:

    I use my XtraMemory Card in my Canon Camcorder.

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    * What makes our drives so much better?

    Virtual Video™ Library Drive:

    With Logical/Virtual™ Intelligence:

    NOTE: Pictures are representative of an "off-the-shelf" drives. We use many brands and types of drives.

    Our Virtual Video™ Library Drive contains ALL your Virtual™ Video Products.

    But what makes our drive "the best" is it also has

    This means you can buy any "off-the-shelf" drive -- format it for Windows NTFS or Mac OS Extended -- and reproduce (i.e., clone) our Smart Drive™ onto it -- and have another Smart Drive™.

    What Do You Mean -- Smart?

    1. Smart means, you can boot (i.e., start, load, run) your On-board Media Player and On-board Tutorial from your Virtual Video™ Library drive -- even if the "host" computer you are using-- does NOT have YOUR software "installed" anywhere!

      This means -- as a guest, (i.e., your drive being the "guest" -- their computer being the "host") you have your own little tool box -- of YOUR own apps -- that YOU know how to use -- even if the host computer does NOT. Its like taking your suitcase to someone else's house or a hotel.

      Yes, you can even give your tools, Virtual Videos, and Logical/Virtual drive -- to your host, if you so desire -- because your apps are licenced to the public domain and your Virtual Videos™ are UniVirtually™ Compatible.

    2. Smart means your Virtual Video™ Library Drive is UniVirtually™ Compatible on both Mac and PC computers. There are multiple ways to use your drive, so if one way is better than another, you can have it your way!

    3. Smart means, assisted by our On-board Tutorial, you can clone your "Smart Drive" onto any type of off-the-shelf drive -- on any computer -- YOURSELF! Just use the same size drive or bigger.

    4. Smart means, the Smart Drive and Tools can be passed down to subsets of the drive -- like making a flash drive -- with only DVD discs images on it. The "smarts" and "compatibility" are passed on --- and can be, again, reproduced -- Virtually For EVER!™

    5. Smart means, you can add NEW videos and pictures -- to what I have done for you -- to keep your Archive System current and growing! Sharing your "drive" means others can build on it, too -- which adds value -- and longevity -- to YOUR videos -- Virtually For EVER!™

    Since They Cost the Same -- Would your rather have

    Archive Theory:

    To have minimal protection of your Virtual Video™ Library, this one Virtual Video™ Library drive must be cloned (i.e., reproduce) -- at least once. If you do not intend to do this, please ask us to do it for you -- or take your business somewhere else. I hate it when someone LOSSES ALL MY HARD WORK -- Virtually For EVER!™

    To give your organization or family a solid Virtual Video™ Archive System, this drive should be cloned three times (i.e., for a total of 4 drives).

    Most people buy 2 drives or 4 drives -- and let us clone for them --
    unless they are comfortable reformatting and cloning drives themselves.

    WARNING: Don't try to "learn" -- to clone a drive -- with only one drive -- and NO BACKUP of your videos!

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    Details On Virtual™ Video Products

    * Summary of Virtual™ Video Products
    Summary of Virtual™ Video Products
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    * Virtual™ Video Products Specifications

    Virtual™ Video Products Specifications

    Virtual Video™ Master Files

    Master Files are for editing, narrating, and creating -- new and improved -- video products. Master files are the most important files in any archive.

    1. Original Images™ master files -- before Improvements (i.e., called Before Masters)

    2. ReMastered Image™ master files -- after Improvements (i.e., called After Masters) -- Full-Frame Progressive Scan

    Master File can be Apple ProRes, DVC Pro-Progressive,Uncompressed (special order only) or any custom video format.

    In Summary:

    There are two types of master files

    1. Before Improvements Masters -- called Original Images™ master files and
    2. After Improvements Masters -- called ReMastered Images™ master files.

    The last master file is used to make ALL OTHER VIDEO PRODUCTS -- that follow:

    Virtual Video™ Files:

    • H.264/MP4 - Smart Phone
    • H.264/MP4 - YouTube / HDTV

    Virtual Disc IMAGE™files:

    • Blu-ray Virtual Disc IMAGE™ files
    • DVD Virtual Disc IMAGE™ files

    Dual-Pass Rendered Virtual Disc IMAGE™files can be ordered as separate Virtual Video™ products -- without ordering the optional physical optical discs (above).

    Virtual/Logical Drives or Smart™ Drives

    We make one Virtual / Logical Product -- and then make the following "Smart" products -- which are "Guests" on physical drives.

    • iPhone™ Card-N-a-Charger™ drive
    • Android™ Card-N-a-Charger™ drive
    • DVD-N-a-Flash™ drive
    • InterNetFlix-N-a-Flash™ drive
    • Virtual Video™ Archive drive

    Physical products used to "Host"
    the Virtual/Logical Drives (Guests products above) follow:

    • Flash Drive or SSD Drive
    • USB Hard Drives
    • Memory Card and Card Reader

    You, too, can clone both the "Guest" -- onto any new "Host" -- and replicate any of the "Smart Drives" above. The On-board Tutorial assist you in this process.

    On-Board Tutorial:

    Your Virtual Video™ Library drive -- and all Physical Video™ products made from it -- contains an On-board Tutorial -- on how to Drag-N-Drop Virtual Video™ files -- to make different Physical Video™ products and Smart™ Drives (shown above).

    On-board Media Player:

    Your Virtual Video™ Library drive -- and all Physical Video™ products made from it -- includes an On-board Media Player -- to test all your Virtual Video™ files and Physical Video™ products.

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    * Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™ -- Better than a Physical Disc

    Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™ -- Better than a Physical Disc

    No Physical Disc Required

    Given the Instability of Physical Optical Discs (see below),

    A Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™ is

    Ironically, a Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™-- for both DVD or Blu-ray

    NOTE: M-Disc discs warrant a serious consideration as part of an archive -- subject to the current technology DEATH shift but offering EMP/EMC protection (see below).

    Warning: Physical -- dye based -- DVD and Blu-ray discs are very bad for archive purposes -- according to the National Archives (NARA) (see below).

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    InterNetFlix™ Viewer

    *Virtual Video™ InterNetFlix™ Viewer
    (Einee Edit: Must See Videos of Einee & Friends)

    InterNetFlix™ Viewer

    Einstein's Glamor Shot
    (Edit by Einee -- Director of Marking™)

    (Bruce: Why is this photo here? )
    (Einee: Because we needed a picture. You can't take a picture of software code!)
    (Bruce: Well ... your have a point; but why YOUR glamor shot?)
    (Einee: Because people like sexy blonds -- not a bearded geek!)
    (Bruce: Again, a point...)

    InterNetFlix™: Share Your Video: Anywhere: Anytime

    InterNetFlix™ Viewer will play on any Mac, PC or Smart Phone -- or Internet game device -- that has WIFI and access to the Internet.

    Virtual Video™ InterNetFlix™ is compatible with

    You can test your device below.

    Password = InterNetFlix (exactly as it appears)

    InterNetFlix™Viewer Demo -- Featuring Einstein & Friends

    Commercial Application Of InterNetFlix™ Viewer

    We are now using InterNetFlix™ Viewer with our clients -- to view and approve their video -- from our website. Once we setup and tested a client's video -- on InterNetFlix™ Viewer -- at the end of their project -- it will work on any website. We then load the tested version of InterNetFlix™ Viewer onto the client's Smart Drives™ -- which they can, in turn, upload to their website. Clients have full access to the code and can customize it to their needs.

    If client is not a "geek" then we can perform upload services for a fee; or client can just keep their video on our website for a small monthly fee.

    InterNetFlix™ Viewer also has a download option -- to download both iPhone and YouTube "like" v ideo to a computer.

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    Details On Physical™ Video Products

    * Why DVD Discs Are NOT Archive Worthy

    Why DVD Discs Are NOT Archive Worthy

    Recordable Optical Discs (i.e., includes DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R, BD-R, etc.)

    In 2005, the findings of Canadian studies revealed Recordable Optical Discs failed data life longevity tests -- and were unreliable for archive purposes. Recordable discs of all kinds failed profoundly.

    In, 2006, research by IBM confirmed Canadian findings.

    In 2007, The National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) -- the governing agency over all Federal Archives and Archive Regulations -- banned the use of dye based recordable optical discs (i.e., like DVD-R) for archive purposes in all Federal Agencies.

    At that time, NARA and the Library of Congress began to advise the public to NOT use Recordable Optical Discs -- for long term storage. More on this later.

    Download it and read it for yourself -- then send it to people you care about.

    National Archives

    FACT: A DVD disc

    This is because optical disc recorders are not standardized.

    Proof: As reported in the NIST / Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity study -- Findings: 2007

    Reasons for Data Errors Are Related To

    Add to that fact, that writing errors -- on even the most expensive off-the-shelf disc -- are prevalent due to "wobble" or "yaw" or "imbalance" (i.e., just like on a tire on your car). A spinning spiral -- with a "wobble" -- is formula for disaster (see below-right).

    Bottom line, since everyone -- is in fact using "non-standardized" optical disc recorders -- even with the newest, most expensive recordable DVD discs -- there is still no guarantee of better "data longevity".

    According to NIST/Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study, every optical disc RECORDER Manufacture is -- "doing their own thing" -- to record optical discs. As a result RECORDERS are typically polluting DISCS with recording errors -- pushing data blocks -- up to the brink of failure -- before the disc is even finished being recorded (i.e., burned).

    Scratches, pollution, handling, moisture, raw light, etc. -- push these discs -- over the brink -- some times in just a few months -- years before the disc should theoretically fail.

    This is the difference between "shelf life" of an unburned disc -- in contrast with "data life" -- of the DATA on a "burned disc".

    It is not the DISC's fault, but the DISC RECORDER'S fault. Nonetheless, recordable DVD disc are the victim of short lived data -- and so are you -- if you rely upon them.

    Bottom Line on dye based optical discs:

    NIST/Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study proved that is was POSSIBLE - but not PRACTICAL -- for recordable optical discs to have a long "data life" --

    but only under very expensive and very controlled conditions.

    For this appearent reason, The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) BANNED the use of recordable optical media -- one month after the NIST/Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study -- FINAL REPORT!

    Due to no fault of their own, dye based optical discs -- like DVD-R and Blu-ray BD-R -- should NOT be used as archive media -- according to the National Archives (NARA) -- with good reason.

    Why This Is IMPORTANT To YOU

    When catastrophic disaster strikes, people start looking for "The 3 P's".

    1. People
    2. Pets
    3. Pictures

    I know this first hand.

    Domestic Loss: The loss of moving pictures (video) is second only to the death of a person or pet. Thus moving pictures are the last link with the living. This lost is "heart felt" and very real "pain and suffering". The loss of video is psychologically a "second death".

    Commercial Loss: Video supplements "live labor" in training and "live talent" in advertising. The loss of video means this trading and talent must be re-created -- at the cost of time and money -- to once again promote the interests of the company.

    If you have recordable DVD discs older than 5 years old, you should run, not walk, to watch them -- your home movies or company training tapes -- beginning to end.

    If they are still in good shape -- but "captured" to DVD -- get them to us ASAP; we can "liberate" them -- and YOU -- from their "medium of captivity" -- and the technology "death" shift now taking place in the DVD Industry.

    We can provide both the technology and strategy to preserve your DVD video -- "for real" --
    Virtually For EVER!™

    We can also provide you with DVD disc images of your DVD -- so YOU can "burn" as many DVD discs as you and your company or family will EVER want or need.

    If your DVD disc have problems, call us, we may have a solution.

    If your DVD discs don't work, we can at least try to salvage something.

    In the last two cases, we can add your name to our growing list of people with both DVD -- and possibly alleged emotional -- "damages".

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    * M-Disc and EMP and CME Events
    EMP = Electromagnetic Pulse or
    CME = Coronal Mass Ejection

    M-Disc and EMP and CME Events

    M-Disc theoretically could protect -- data -- in an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) or CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) apocalyptic event -- assuming there is no radioactive fallout.

    However, an EMP or CME would wipe out all regional optical disc players (i.e., without Faraday cage protection). Even with Faraday Cage Protection, an optical disc player will subcoma to "rubber rot" within 5 to 10 years -- as will all rubber replacement parts -- like rubber wheels and rubber belts.

    Bottom line, an M-Disc -- with no way to play it -- offers "data only" protection; and thus hope, that the video will one day, decades later, will be seen again.

    Therefore, for the sake of hope alone, M-Disc should be considered as a Crisis Management Medium for any Archive System.

    Other Difficult Considerations:

    • M-Disc requires DVD or Blu-ray players --
      • which are being phased-out
      • by the current technology DEATH shift
      • in favor of virtual video via the Internet.
    • M-Discs are expensive
    • M-Discs require special M-Disc certified recorders to burn.

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    iPhone & Android Product Specifications

    * iPhone & Android Information:

    iPhone and Android Information:

    I have tested several complementary products -- that work with my Virtual Video™ products-- to allow your Virtual Video™files to work directly on -- or with -- your Smart Phones. The following products work together.

    • XtraMemory™ Card (see below) -- is extended memory for your smart phone or smart pad -- to which we have added our Virtualized™ Layer of products. XtraMemory™ Card has many other uses -- beyond working with your Virtual Video™ files.

    • Card-N-a-Charger™ Reader (see below) -- is a charging cable (Lighting or USB Type-C) and USB port for any computer -- with a built-in card reader -- for both standard memory cards and micro memory cards. Card-N-a-Charger™ Reader works with both your smart phone and computer -- and transports data between both -- both ways!

    Card-N-a-Charger™ Reader

    • For iPhone or Android Smart Phones
    • AND
    • For both Mac and PC computers

    Requires an XtraMemory™ Card (see below)

    The purpose of the Card-N-a-Charger™ Reader is

    1. to add external storage to your smart phone -- to directly play video or show photos,
    2. to give you an additional cable to charge your smart phone -- on the go,
    3. to give you a place to store photos and video -- like a little SSD drive -- for your smart phone,
    4. to give you a way to off-load -- to your computer -- form your smart phone -- without needing to use iTunes or other third-party apps or software.
    5. to give you a way to up-load photos and video -- from your computer -- to your smart phone.

    Picture Below:

    The box for the Card-N-a-Charger™ Reader -- shows both ends of the device. The printed icons (on the box) show memory cards and smart pads and phones to which both ports (i.e., ends) attach. The data/charging cable is roughly 3 inches long -- and fits "fat" protective covers -- like Otter box.

  • iPhone Card-N-a-Charger™ XtraMemory™ drive (shown)
  • Android Card-N-a-Charger™ XtraMemory™ drive (not shown)

  • Card-N-a-Charger™ reader accepts both MicroSD or (regular) SD Memory cards.

    For iPhone and iPad:

    This device and free app are licenced and approved by Apple. A free app -- from the Apple App Store -- allows you to upload and download MP4 video, photos. -- and much, much more! There is no need to "jail break" your iPhone.

    For Android:

    The same app is available from the Android app store.

    Multiple Functions Cable:

    The dual-port cable is not only a charging cable for smart phone (iPhone/iPad model shown) but

    1. the USB port works with both Mac or PC computer; and,
    2. the USB port accepts 2 types of memory cards -- that fit slots on the side (not shown).

    The short 3 inch cable is nice because it fits any protective cover you may own; and -- unlike a fixed-port -- the flexible-port can't break-off in your iPhone -- to damage it.

    Other Uses:

    I use my Card-N-a-Charger™ XtraMemory™ drive to upload photos from memory cards -- used in my Canon SLR and Canon Camcorder -- directly to my iPhone - by-passing my computer. This is great for "field work" with multiple devices that use memory cards.

    When I fill up my iPhone, I off-load to this device -- and keep on taking pictures and video!

    Did i mention, it is a convenient place to carry your entire mp4 Virtual Video™ Library -- without using memory on your iPhone?!

    XtraMemory™ Card (optional):

    XtraMemory™ Card is a Virtual/Logical Drive hosted on a physical memory card. Memory cards come in storage sizes -- up to 128Gb -- if you can believe it!

    Above Picture: Tiny MicroSD memory card and larger SD Memory Card "size" adaptor . The picture demonstrate the physical size of both sizes of memory cards. We can order either this actual adaptor unit, or memory cards -- in either size.

    NOTE: Android can use a MicroSD card directly -- the small card above.

    Our XtraMemory™ Card comes with an On-Board Tutorial and On-board Media Player for PC or Mac -- and InterNetFlix™ viewer.

    Your entire MP4 Virtual Video™ Library will fit on a XtraMemory™ card -- either on a Secured Digital (SD) memory card or on a tiny MicroSD memory card.

    XtraMemory™ Card is -- a very inexpensive -- very smart -- and a smart upgrade for any smart phone. XtraMemory™ Card has many uses beyond those specific to our Virtual Video™ Products.

    We want you to eventually make your own XtraMemory™ Cards -- yourself -- for your family and clients -- and we want you to copy or clone -- what we have already made for you.

    If you already have a high capacity memory card, we can convert it for use as a XtraMemory™ card for a small fee -- and your will need to purchase our Card-N-a-Charger™ Reader (above) -- which is critical to it working on a smart phone.

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    Video Approval and Payment Procedures

    * Pay-as-You-Approve Model
    Pay-as-You-Approve Model :

    Our service is a work of creative collusion with our clients; and, your participation critical.

    Private or Domestic clients receive the same quality of services and products as Commercial clients.

    Commercial Client status means you are in control of your project -- approving Confirmation Video, making payments, and moving your project forward. Full details are in our written price quote.

    We follow the standard model of Quality Control of most major network studios. We transmit Confirmation Video of our work -- as we complete ReMastered™ Virtual Video™.

    Larger projects (i.e., larger than 1.5 hours or more) are segmented into "production cycles" -- of roughly one or two hours each.

    You are in control -- of Quality Control and your Cash Flow -- as follows:

    1. Trust through verification, using a
    2. Pay-as-You-Approve™ workflow.
    3. Each Production Confirmation Cycle is backed by
    4. Either your agreement of approval or a money back guarantee of (any) advance payments or deposit.

    A standard deposit covers pre-production media cleaning and initial ReMastering your first "confirmation video".

    Whether a Commercial or Private Client, your incremental confirmation of video quality and your inc ream ental payments

    1. satisfies our offers of warranty and quality; and
    2. authorize us to begin making all your other Physical and Virtual Video™ products -- from your "approved" ReMastered video.

    Pay-As-You-Approve Procedures

    Our Pay-as-You-Approve Procedures remove any need for "test reels' ; and allows us to assume all risk for our written claims and warranties - with confidence.

    We earn your trust -- through your verification -- of our work. You are our Quality Control Department.

    Video is "approved" by viewing smart phone or tablet sized Internet Virtual Video stream -- of your ReMastered video -- which is secure and password protected.

    Projects are broken into Production Cycles -- of 1 to 2 hours of ReMastered video -- per production cycle.

    Each production cycle (i.e., approval increment) has its own Money back guarantee -- pending client satisfaction -- demonstrated by your written approval -- and by your payment -- to move your project forward.

    Once all production cycles paid-in-full, we can then finish making all your Physical Products™ -- like DVD discs, Blu-rays, M-Disc, Virtual Video™ Library Drives, etc. See details in your written price quote -- which is customized to your needs.

    After shipping both your Virtual Video™ Library -- and all deliverable Physical Products™ -- to you, we keep a copy of your Virtual Video™ Library for 30 days. This gives you time to check all your physical products -- before we purge your Virtual Video™ Library from our database.

    Your detailed Custom Price Quote will contain more specific information.

    EXCEPTIONS: All domestic VHS video tape is considered "low grade", "salvage footage" and we can not offer a refund agreement to "salvaged footage". This policy also applies for movie film with vinegar syndrome, extreme mold damage, pervasive sprocket damage, or water damage.

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    Movie Film & VHS Tape Salvage

    * Vinegar Syndrome Film and VHS Tapes:

    Vinegar Syndrome Film and VHS Tapes:

    NOTE: All domestic VHS video tapes -- and vinegar syndrome movie film -- are considered "salvaged or rescued footage" -- due to the typical degraded condition of images and footage.

    We put in a lot of extra work on this type of footage and we offer no apologies or warranty -- for the results. Were it not for our work, this footage would otherwise be lost footage. Any recovery of any images is considered a "save".

    EXCEPTION: Professionally produced VHS video tape -- like weddings -- 1st generation only -- may be included under warranty by special agreement in writing only.

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    Technology DEATH Shifts: How Ignorance Kills

    * Technology DEATH Shifts Destroy Most Video

    technology DEATH shifts Destroy Most Video:

    Because most video is "captured video", a technology DEATH shift, is like a shipwreck -- with video "sinking with the ship".

    For example, the video tape industry has gone away -- its wrecked. All video -- captured to video tape -- is, figuratively, sunk! The optical industry (i.e., DVD discs, Blu-ray discs and M-Disc) is now going away, too! Video captured to any optical disc -- is sinking with the ship.


    Virtual Video -- with a Video Archive System (i.e., methodology) -- being shipwrecked in a sea of drifting technology -- means there is a method for Virtual Video to collecting one piece of driftwood (i.e., technology) -- then the next -- and the next -- until there is a technology raft -- keeping the Virtual Video afloat -- Virtually For EVER!™

    Survival of the video is what is important; the survival of the any one medium -- is not important.

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    * Cautions About M-Disc Optical Discs

    Cautions About M-Disc Optical Discs

    We love M-Disc -- for dooms day video preservation -- but...

    M-Disc had great promise for data longevity, however, M-disc is an optical disc -- dependent on optical disc players. M-Disc is now caught in a technology DEATH shift -- the decline of the optical disc players and dye-based optical disc in general. I hope M-Disc and M-Disc players find a market niche, for your sake -- and mine, but the odds are not good.

    Good News:

    Ironically, DVD virtual disc images (i.e. used to make physical M-Disc and DVD-R discs) will most likely be with us for decades. This is because DVD virtual disc images will work -- just like a DVD disc -- with video controls, subtitles, chapters -- from both flash drives and from the internet. Since it cost nothing to duplicate a DVD virtual disc image -- who needs a physical disc? All this is why, after all, the new "emerging virtual video technologies" -- are displacing optical discs and disc players -- in yet another "technology DEATH shift".

    When to letting go...

    of Physical DVD technology -- is a matter of timing -- and if a client has DVD virtual disc images -- where they can use them -- the chance of missing physical disc will have minimum impact.

    This is why we invented DVD-N-a-Flash™ Drive -- as a transitional device -- between Physical discs and Virtual discs -- giving you the ability to "burn your own" -- as you need.

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    National Archive Standards And DVD Discs

    * Why NARA Is Important To YOU!

    Why NARA Is Important To YOU!

    In the United States, the most authoritative Archive Organization -- with the best "Video Archive System -- is the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

    1. NARA not only "archives media" but also both regulates and enforces Archive Standards for the Federal Government and all Federal Agencies. If you don't believe me...

      Example of NARA Archive Enforcement : In 2016, NARA challenged Hilary Clinton's method of archiving State Department documents -- which triggered an FBI investigation.

    2. NARA also offers Archive Guidelines for Archive Institutions like The Library of Congress the Smithsonian.

    3. Finally, NARA offers Archive Guidelines for commercial archive services and private individuals.

    Our Archive System Follows NARA Guidelines by

    1. Using NARA Video Diversity Guidelines
      1. using diverse Video file formats
      2. using diverse Physical Media types
    2. using NARA recognized "archive worthy" media, and
    3. informing clients -- of dangerous archive media --
      like recordable DVD-R discs
    4. informing clients -- about emerging technology --
      like M-Disc, virtual disc images, and virtual containers
    5. phasing media now obsolete by technology DEATH shifts

    We Exceed NARA Guidelines by

    Using Virtual Video

    1. as a stand-alone product
      1. like DVD Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™ files
      2. like Blu-ray Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE™ files
      3. like Virtualized™ Master Files

    Using a Logical / Virtualized GUI Media Interface
    as part of the Archive -- for Universal Compatibility across

      1. all media types
      2. all data storage devices
      3. all computer platforms (Mac and PC) and

    Using (suppling) an Internet video distribution platform
    for global video distribution and optional download

    Called Virtual Video™ InterNetFlix™ Viewer and Website Back-door™

    Using Diverse Physical Video™ Products
    as "host" -- to our "guest" Logical / Virtual™ Drives

    1. Hard Drives
    2. Solid state drives types -- including
      1. Flash Drive
      2. Memory Cards
      3. Micro Memory Cards
      4. SSD drives
    3. M-Disc

    Using Temporary Media -- for non-archive use
    with NARA warnings and cautions regarding their use.

    1. Recordable DVD discs
    2. Recordable Blu-ray discs
    3. Can be used, last resort, to reverse engineer video

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    * Were YOU Defrauded and Damaged Before?

    Were YOU Defrauded and Damaged Before?

    Did a pharmacy or "big box" store "capture" your movie films or video tapes -- onto DVD discs?

    Willful obstruction and noncompliance to NARA guidelines -- in commercial archive services -- for commercial gain from the public -- is grounds for gross negligence -- if not public fraud (in my opinion).

    In October 2007, NARA banned the use of recordable CD and DVD discs for long term storage of Federal records and images -- advising the public to do the same.

    Similar guidelines were previously made by IBM (2006) and disclosed a by Canadian optical disc longevity study (Released as an International Study in 2005).

    In regulating archive standards, NARA rejected the NIST / Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study Findings (released Sept. 2007). NARA banned the use of all recordable optical discs from all Federal Institutions -- one month after "findings" were released.

    Details which you can read at

    National Archives: Current Public Advisory:

    Recordable (DVD) optical media have widely varying life expectancies. It is not entirely uncommon for some discs to become unreadable in less than 1 year. Relying on recordable discs to last for generations is probably not viable.   


    Burned (recordable CD-R, DVD-R, BD-R) discs make use of an organic dye layer in order to record data and are typically less reliable because this dye is more susceptible to degradation over time. Recordable CDs, Blu-rays, and DVDs have proven to be fairly unstable over time, and are deemed a bad choice for long-term preservation.


    NARA General Website:

    One NARA publication is Pacific Currents -- where they release "guidelines" items of "public interest". National Archives: Pacific Currents by Year and Month.

    Bottom Line:

    Any "archive service" -- pharmacy or "big box" store -- selling recordable DVD disc as a medium of archive -- is defrauding the public -- in my opinion. The only exception is M-Disc.

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    Modern Archive Methods For YOU

    * Archiving: This Century: This Decade

    Archiving: This Century: This Decade

    • Digital Tape is gone due to technology DEATH shift.
    • Optical Disc is gone due to technology DEATH shift

    No digital media is "archive worthy" beyond 5 years -- according to the National Archives.

    Recordable Optical Disc:

    Recordable DVD discs rated sometimes LESS than a year by National Archives (NARA).

    M-Disc would be an exception to this HOWEVER, M-disc is tied to the Optical Disc Industry -- that is now in an irreversible technology DEATH shift. I predict that In 5 to 10 years, there may be no way for a consumer to play an M-Disc -- except on used equipment purchase on E-bay or on expensive "commercial grade" equipment acquired via niche market suppliers.

    How To Archive Your Video:

    According to NARA, Video Reproduction and Diversity is the only way to protect video.

    I interpret that to mean:

    • Do NOT rely on Recordable Optical Disc for Archive purposes.
    • Check ALL physical media for integrity on a yearly basis
    • Backup all physical video mediums
    • Use diversified physical mediums

    We exceed NARA Guidelines by Adding Virtualized Video
    to NARA's Physical Video Media Guidelines. This give our clients

    • Diversified types of virtualized video formats stored on
    • Diversified types of storage media and
    • Check at least once a year for integrity.

    Our Strategy Multiplies Video Security by Use of

    • diversified types of storage devices compatible with
    • diversified Mac and PC computers in
    • diversified locations.

    For Example: Which offers more video security

    1. A Physical DVD disc and
    2. A backup DVD disc
    3. Checked both once a year


    1. Have all of the physical DVD you could ever want and
    2. never worry about checking them because they can all
      1. be stored on
      2. be burned from
      3. be played from
      4. be cloned from
      5. any of the following sources:
        1. DVD Virtual Disc-IMAGES on a Clonable Flash Drive and
        2. DVD Virtual Disc-IMAGES on a Clonable Hard Drive and
        3. DVD Virtual Disc-IMAGES Downloadable from a Website or Cloud Drive and

    A True Archive Must Accessible Components

    For Everyday Use as

    • virtual video and
    • physical media and
    • on physical and virtual video player devices

    Diversity by Replication:

    • protects essential video content -- physically and
    • provides video function -- for everyone for everyday use

    Bottom Line:

    Virtual Video™ adds a new dimension to Archive Sciences

    Virtualization allows video to be archived globally (literally) -- fast and cheaply -- to many locations -- from the Internet.

    Example of Commercial Video Archive Systems:

    The same applies similarly for Amazon Fire Stick; Apple TV, YouTube and the list grows daily.

    Take Netflix for Example: Netflix maintains on-line streaming for over 100 thousand virtual video movies. Netflix has virtual video disc images -- to record and to replace millions of Recordable DVD discs -- which they still mail to clients.

    To protect their investment -- Netflix has a virtual video archive system -- with strategic redundancy.

    These companies plan to be around for a long, long, long time.

    How About the Little Guy:

    You and your family or organization deserve the same product diversity, product function, and product protection -- on a smaller scale.

    We deliver!

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    * Virtual Video™ Archive System™

    Virtual Video™ Archive System™

    Preservation is no long about "storage media"

    technology DEATH shifts take place when the supply and demand for new technology displaces an older technology.

    A technology DEATH shift happened in the Music Industry -- when Internet distribution of music -- displaced CD music discs.

    A technology DEATH shift is now happening in the Video Industry -- displacing Physical DVD and Blu-ray discs -- with Internet distribution of virtualized video -- on demand.

    Examples: Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, PlayStation Vue, Hulu, Roku.

    technology DEATH shift is also displacing cable TV and satellite TV -- with YouTube now offering premium news and programming -- for free. For example, Fox Cable News is free on YouTube.

    So, look at me -- adapt -- I now offer InterNetFlix™ -- a combination of your video and my own video app -- currently as a secure back-door to any website.

    technology DEATH shifts have wiped out the analogue tape, digital tape -- and now, the optical disc -- industries. Even M-Disc -- rated to last 1,000 years -- is now caught in a technology DEATH shift -- making it an irrelevant technology. More on M-Disc later.

    According to NARA Guidelines

    • No digital media -- including hard drives -- can be expected to last more than 5 years.
    • Due to non-standard DVD recorders, data on recordable DVD discs can now last LESS than a year.


    If technology DEATH shifts were not enough, there are other looming threats...

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    * New Age Video Preservation Strategy

    New Age Video Preservation Strategy

    No one digital MEDIA, like hard drive or DVD, can save your video.

    The new digital preservation strategy is the same as the preservation of life itself -- successful reproduction and diversification.

    Gone are days -- when only a MASTER TAPE and MASTER TAPE BACKUP; HARD DRIVE and a BACKUP DRIVE -- is enough. technology DEATH shifts defeat an entire industries -- almost overnight.

    A recent example is what is now happening to the Video DVD disc industry. Once you use Netflix or Amazon Fire -- you will never go back to using a DVD player! Where did all the video rental stores go? For that matter, where did all the Music CD discs go?

    As for "disc" technologies in general, solid state drives -- and cloud technologies -- are flooding, yes, DROWNDING OUT -- these technologies -- from the consumer's perspective.

    The only way your Virtual Video™ Library can survive is digital replication -- across a strategically DIVERSIFIED field of media -- including the Internet.

    Diversity defeats technology DEATH shifts -- when replication alone fails! But both reproduction and diversification are required -- in an ongoing process -- indefinitely -- for the survival of a species -- or a video archive -- to survive.

    That's why having only a DVD between your video and oblivion is a strategic guarantee for extinction.

    The New Age of Video Preservation Strategy requires more than just a few hard drives -- hidden in the closet and safety deposit box -- where no one can ever use them. Hiding video in these "time capsules" guarantees that no one will ever see them -- or care.

    Sharing is Key to Survival:

    The New Age of Video Preservation Strategy requires SHARING VIDEO. Video preservation now requires your participation -- in actively sharing your videos -- on diversified media -- which makes your video AVAILABLE -- anytime, anywhere -- to anyone you choose --- or even to anyone who might choose to care about your video.

    Having your video -- literally "at your fingertips" -- at a moments notice -- and being able to share it -- any where, anytime, with anyone -- is key to its survival.

    For example, our most popular Virtual Video™ Product is InterNetFlix™ -- a Netflix / Amazon Fire / You Tube "like" video experience -- anytime, anywhere -- on your smart phone or computer or home entertainment Internet portal.

    To this end, we have developed a Virtual Video™ Archive System™ --- For Life™

    The following sections are a review of this system.

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    * Summary of Our Virtual Video™ Archive System™

    Summary of Virtual Video™ Archive System™

    An archive system protects your video.

    Our archive system protects your video Virtually For Ever! ™

    1. Making your video cheap and easy to replicate
    2. As "diversified" (different types of) video formats


    Mass data storage devices (media) are the cheapest they have ever been -- and getting cheaper every day! As of 2018, a 1Gb hard drive only cost $50 to $60 and 128Gb Flash Drive $30 to $40.

    Coping YOUR video onto someone else's drive -- COST NOTHING!


    1. Our Virtual Video™ Library Drives
    2. -- hard drives, flash, memory cards, etc. --
    3. ALL Include a UniVirtually Compatible DRAG-N-DROP™ Interface"
      1. Between the physical media (like hard drive and flash) and
      2. Your Virtual Video™ files
      This means you can easily work with
      1. any PC or Mac using
      2. any operating system and
      3. with the Internet.
    4. We have culled both media types and video file types (that are now obsolete -- due to technology DEATH shifts -- or technically advanced beyond the scope of a client's ability to use them) -- so you don't have to!
      1. Why saddle yourself -- and the future generations -- with technology -- which will only be "a pain", if not impossible, for them to use?
      2. For example, AVI files are NOT archive worthy files! AVI files -- once a standard video container file -- is now dysfunctional in many situations on Windows platforms, and
        AVI file have never be compatible with Apple products.
        Yet many companies create AVI "Master Files" -- to pass on to your family members -- knowing they may never be able to use them!
      3. Many "professional" grade video formats -- require investment in highly specialised computers and software -- which you and your family don't have, don't know how to use -- and never will.

        ProRes, 4K, 2K, RED, Uncompressed, Motion JPG, HDV, etc., are great formats -- for specific commercial uses -- but they are not Family Friendly Formats™. I know. I use many of these formats for commercial clients.
    1. We make DVD and Blu-ray discs
        1. Provide Virtual Disc-FREE™ Disc-IMAGE files to make optical discs
        2. Educated clients that -- according to NARA -- dye based
        3. optical discs are NOT -- and never were -- "archive worthy" and
        4. optical discs should NEVER be considered part of a video archive system,
      1. We DO support M-Disc optical discs (as an option)
        1. with DVD disc Images to make M-Discs
        2. with a warning that M-Disc is now in a technology DEATH shift.

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    * Virtual Video™ Archive System™ and NARA

    Virtual Video™ Archive System™

    Meets or Exceeds Guidelines Of

    • The National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)
    • The Library of Congress

    Example: Criteria for a "basic archive"

    1. Clone your Virtual Video™ Library Drive -- three times (i.e.,for a total of 4 drives) and
    2. Locate 4 drives in 2 or more locations
    3. Give everyone -- and their dog -- DVDs-N-a-Flash™ drives!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Einstein "marked-up" that last line ;-)

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    * Out-dated Archive Systems:

    Outdated Video Archive Systems:

    Last Century: 1970s to 1990

    In the Analogue Tape Age minimum protection was

    • Only one primary master analogue tape" and
    • Multiple secondary master tapes

    This Century: Last Decate

    Digital Tape & Optical Disc Age:

    • One digital master tapes -- in separate locations -- were minimum protection.
    • All Recordable Optical Disc were rejected as archive media
      by the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)

    This Century: This Decade

    Current Technology DEATH Shifts

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