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This week...
For Standard 8mm (Regular 8mm) Super 8 Film, and 16mm movie film

NOTE: This special offer applies to "Movie Film Transfers" -- NOT "Video Tape Transfers".

1) Take a 20% discount if you take delivery "at our leisure" (see option #4 on your price quote);

On top of that,

2) Take $50 discount -- if get your project to us within 10 business days of receiving your quote
(see Early Bird Discount Option #4 only, on your quote) -- you may request an extension to this offer; and

On top of that,

3) AT NO ADDITIONAL COST... $100.00 "added-values" -- for every hour of finished video (or part thereof) of your project!
Example: $500 added value for a 5 hour project!

Added Values include:

  1. Get a No Fee Consultation, on what you can buy and send to us --  to make your Home Movies Player-Drive(s)™.
  2. Get our Video Home Movies Player-Drive™ Drive Adaptation Service -- for  a Large Player-Drive™ -- for up to 4 drives (you provide the Movie Drives)
  3. Get our Video Home Movies Player-Drive™ Drive Adaptation Service -- for  a Small Player-Drive™ -- for up to 2 drives (you provide the Movie Cards)
    NOTE: 2 and 3 above give you a True Archive Configuration -- 2 Large Player-Drive™ in 2 locations. and 1 Small Player-Drive™ in each location.
  4. Get 1 complete set of your project on  Blu-ray Physical-DISC™ disc
  5. Get 1 complete set of your project on Blu-ray DISC-Free™ DISC-Image -- for your Video Home Movies Large Player-Drive™(s) ONLY - for making more Blu-ray Discs..
  6. Get 6 complete sets of your project on DVD Physical-DISCs.
  7. Get 1 complete set of your project on DVD DISC-Free™ DISC-Image™ -- for all your Video Home Movies Player-Drive™ Drive(s)
  8. Get 1 complete set of your project on Social-Media master files -- for all your Video Home Movies Player-Drive™ Drive(s)
    NOTE: 8 above can be "edited" for social media and websites, and You Tuge, etc.
  9. Get my Video Home Movies Player-Drive™ Tutorial -- that tells you "how to use and make" ALL THE ABOVE PRODUCTS -- for friends and family --
    from your own Video Home Movies Player-Drive™ drives.
  10. Get a royalty freeware "app" -- for both PC and Mac.

Now THIS is a "reel deal" -- and a "total solution" --
1) for a Family Film Transfer Archive and
2) for Family FUN! Something for everyone!

NOTE: We do NOT need drives until "The END" of the project.
Small Player-Drive™ Requirement: 32Gb flash drive or memory card or both (don't worry about this until end of project).
Large Player-Drive™ Requirement 500Gb USB-3 "portable drive" -- large projects will require 1Tb drive or larger (don't worry about this until end of project).


Amazon will ship to us -- as a 3rd-party. Just e-mail us with your "purchase/order number" AND YOUR NAME!.


Let us provide "the drive of our choice" that is "best matched" to your project

500Gb Hard Drive $70
1Tb Hard Drive      $80
2Tb Hard Drive      $125

32Gb Flash Drive   $20
64Gb Flash Drive   $40

NOTE: “FREE” MEANS: "At no additional cost" with your purchase of film transfer services – and your agreement to accept the terms of your quote -- by email -- within 10 business days of receiving your quote. This offer will expire in 2 weeks.

Request a customized quote --  for more details  - and be sure to mention this offer!

NOTE: If there is any variance to, or deviation from,  this offer -- in your personalized quote -- please let me know -- so we can be faithful to this offer.

When you request your quote, please supply us with the following information in the comments section:
1) the total number of feet that are Regular 8mm movie film and
2) the total number of feet that are Super 8 movie film -- and what percentage is SOUND film, if any.

Once you get your quote, you have 10 business days to accept the quote -- and this offer -- by email. 
If you need extra time, I can make a special arrangement -- if you contact me before the expiration of your quote.

If you have 16mm movie film, we need to know the total number of feet that are SILENT 16mm and number of feet that are SOUND.
If you have SOUND film, specify the "running speed" of the film -- either 24fps or 18fsp -- if you know, or tell us what kind of projector you used to run it.

Thank YOU,

Bruce Mayfield

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Old Internet "Cloud" files are now Social-Media™files

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" or Video Home Movies Player™ Drive -- with video media players, tutorials, internet links -- and thus
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Devices 64Gb or less (memory cards and flash drives) are "Small-Movie-Drive™s"
Our "old product", called "Home Movie Card™", has been technically upgraded and "adapted" as a  Video Home Movies Player™ Movie Card™.
Hard drives and SSD are now "upgraded" and "adapted"  as "Video Home Movies Player™ Movie Drive™.
Hard drives and SSD are now "upgraded" and "adapted"  as "Home Movie™ Player-Drive™.

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