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Have you or friends or family been "defrauded" by a "film transfer mill?
The following reading may be the first step in helping you; Get your money back!

Common Consumer Video Archive Practices

Denying "Consumers" their Copyrighted Assets -- and discarding them -- without permission -- is COMMON PRACTICE in the Consumer Video Archive Industry.

This is an "Industry Double Standard" -- as many companies perform both Commercial Archive Services AND Consumer Archive Services; and those who perform ONLY Consumer Archive Service either know, or should know, basic Archive Standards -- as established by the National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) -- the regulatory agency for ALL Federal Archives -- including the Library of Congress.

Denying and Discarding "DVD disc images" and "master files" both discriminates against and damages all "Consumer Classes" -- especially minorities, women, and the disadvantaged -- who may not "know their RIGHTS"or understand they have "Copyrighted Assets" -- when they "order a DVD".

The loss of a Film Transfer Archive Investment is known to result in a devastating fiscal and emotional loss and damages -- to the entire family -- second ONLY TO THE DEATH OF A FAMILY MEMBER; And all generations of that family suffer this loss and damage.

The practice of denying and discarding Copyrighted Assets, is wiping out the visual heritage of an entire "classes" of people -- and could be (in my opinion) construed to be "conspired" based on the centralized nature of most Consumer Archive Services.

This practice devastates the American Public's "visual historical record" of the way Americans actually lived; leaving us all open to "being told" something totally different by historians -- "with a hidden agenda".

The National Archive & Records Administration (NARA) -- the regulatory agency for ALL Federal Archives -- has "banned" ALL RECORDABLE DVD "FOR ARCHIVE PURPOSES". That's a fact!

The NIST/Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study revealed that DVD RECORDERS are NOT standardized in their recording processes; and therefore NO DVD RECORDER can be "universally certified" for creating "Archive Grade DVD Recordings" on ALL DVD discs.

Any sale of a DVD for "archive purposes" is a transaction that obstructs NARA "archive guidelines" and PUBLIC WARNINGS; and demonstrates gross negligence -- if not fraud -- in my opinion.

Any sale of a DVD ARCHIVE SERVICE is a transaction that obstructs NARA "archive guidelines" and PUBLIC WARNINGS; and demonstrates gross negligence -- if not fraud -- in my opinion.

Therefore there IS strong argument that there is no such thing as an "archive DVD".

BUYER BEWARE: Most Consumer Archive Services -- when they make DVDs -- do NOT give “their shoppers” 1) master files or 2) disc images or 3) DVD longevity warnings or risk exposure – to protect consumers form emotional damages, or protect consumers' fiscal investment for damages nor protect consumers' home movie heritage from damage.

These “Consumer Archive Services” negligently obstruct the National Archives’ Guidelines and Warnings -- AGAINST the use of DVD discs for “archive purposes”; and these services fraudulently, in my opinion, sell DVDs – with words like “archive” in their names – in direct defiance of National Archive Guidelines.

Last but not least, these “Consumer Archive Service” burn DVDs using DVD Recorders

1) Which THEY KNOW are NOT Standardized NOR Certified for "archive use"; and,

2) Which THEY KNOW are not matched to the DVDs they burn –

Which could mean,

3) Consumer Archive Services KNOW – THEY ARE the source and cause of ALL DVD disc failures sold through their "Consumer Archive Services"; and

4) THEY KNOW -- THEY HAVE CAUSED ALL fiscal and emotional damages to every member of an entire FAMILIES -- AND ALL GENERATIONST THEREOF -- FOREVER; and,

5) THEY KNOW -- MOST OF THEIR CUSTOMERS are women, minorities, the elderly, the poor, and the uneducated -- who TRUST THEM; and,

6) THEY KNOW -- THEY ARE WIPING-OUT a massive historical record -- evidenced by live footage of the American People; and,

7) THEY KNOW -- THEY MISREPRESENT THEIR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES -- for the purpose of getting money from "their shoppers"; and, this is more or less the definition of PUBLIC FRAUD -- IM MY OPINON.

"Shoppers" may want to ask if companies -- who offering "Consumer Archive Services" --

We have NEVER sold a DVD "as an archive medium"; but have always given clients their "Copyrighted Assets" to replace and reproduce EVERYTHING, as need or wanted.

Giving a family possession of DVD disc image -- which legally belongs to them anyway -- by virtue of them "ordering and paying for the creation of a physical DVD" -- prevents their loss and damage -- allowing the family to make NEW DVDs and AS MANY DVDs -- as they need or want -- to protect and preserve their Home Movie Archive Investment; and

Giving a family possession of Master Files -- which legally belongs to them anyway -- by virtue of them "ordering and paying for the creation of a physical DVD" -- allows them to make "other products".

Why? Because, the DVD industry will soon be a footnote in history books -- like "music CDs" and "vinyl records" and video tape industries.

MORE About Copyrighted Assets from YOUR Home Movies


You own the "copyrights" to YOUR HOME MOVIES. Home movies can be movie films and video tapes -- collectively called your "source media".

Therefore, ANY video files and video PRODUCTS -- "MADE" from your" SOURCE MEDIA" (movie film or videos, etc.) -- LIKE MASTER FILES AND DISC IMAGES -- made in the process of making an "end-user" product -- like DVD, Blu-ray, MP4 file -- belong to YOU; These "foundation-products" have the same IMPLIED COPYRIGHTS as the original SOURCE MEDIA -- and the "final product"!

For example: The "Commercially Standard Procedure" to make a DVD -- from your movie film or video tape (i.e., SOURCE MEDIA) -- follows:

  1. We make a "Primal™ master file" -- the "full-frame" file captured from your original film or tape or optical disc (i.e., "source media") -- which is sometimes "normalized" for True-to-Life Speed and True-to-Life Motion -- to "most closely" recreate what your original "source-media" both 1) looked like and and b) played like; and,

  2. from source-media we make Virtual-Film master file -- a "full-frame" file with IMAGE™ & Color Enhanced for HDTV,

  3. from that we make a DVD Disc Image (also called a Virtual-Disc) - a "partial-frame" video in a process called a "Dual-Pass Rendering" -- which is free of "recording errors", and

  4. from that "DVD Disc Image" we "burn" a physical DVD disc.

Products 1, 2, and 3 (above) are "Copyrighted Assets" that should be archived -- to protect your home movies and your investment.

Produces 1,2,and 3 are "permanent products" -- but are not "physical products" -- which most "domestic clients" over-look! Since there is no "physical product", "transfer mills" pretend they do not exist -- and in fact, "transfer mills" cut corners -- like "STRipping DVDs" -- to eliminate these products.


To treat a single woman and her family -- differently than a corporate entity -- is discrimination that damages the single woman and her family!

The DVD -- a temporary product -- is considered a "consumable" product.

All the "building block products" -- used to make YOUR DVDs -- are YOUR "Copyrighted Assets".

THEY ALL BELONG TO YOU -- included in the price -- you pay -- for "making DVDs".

In the example above, IF files 1,2,3 ARE OFFERED AS AN "ADD-ON" PRODUCTS to your DVD,
YOU ARE BEING DEFRAUDED -- because YOU pay for them in the price of "making DVDs"; and YOU own the Copyrights -- at the time of agreement to "make DVDs"; and, the studio making the "Copyrighted Assets" have NO RIGHTS to "sell them" again -- least of ALL -- to YOU!

If you "pay extra"; you "pay twice!"

Why? Because you PAY for the time and labor -- to make "building block products" - used in the course of making your DVD discs. Commercial Clients EXPECT these products; you should, too!

For Example: PBS, FOX, NBC would never contract with us for archive services from movie film, and NOT expect the "files" and "disc-IMAGES™" -- with their DVDs, too! To deny them "master files" would be grounds for a lawsuit with a "commercial client".

This is not "hear-say". Working with clients from these companies, I know their expectations.



Master files are the foundation of your Copyrighted Assets. Each frame of your movie film or video tape is "digitally captured" -- to create a frame of "digital video" -- and all those individual frames become a "master file" -- with the following characteristic:


From "master files", other video products are "made for consumer use" -- called "view only" or "end-user" products. These are PARTIAL-FRAME video formats -- like DVD (MPEG-2), Blu-ray (H.264) and MP4 (H.264/MP4) -- which are NOT "master files".

Many companies "rip" your DVD to create an MP4 file; and tell you the MP4 file is your "master file". This is fraudulent!

For Example: An MP4 video file is NOT a "master file" because MP4 is NOT a "full frame" video format. MP4 is a "partial-frame" video format under the H.264 video specification. A "commercial" video production company would NEVER try to give a client -- like PBS, NBC, or FOX -- an MP4 file -- telling them that it was THEIR MASTER FILE! The client would laugh -- and then call their lawyers! You should, too!

VERY IMPORTANT: To transfer the maximum quality from your files -- to "end-user", "veiw-only" products -- it is important that Dual-Pass Rendering is used on "Partial-Frame" video products.

Again, if I did that to a Commercial Client -- here comes the layers!
Yet, Consumer Archive Companies do this everyday to thousands of people -- because most people do NOT know their rights and the Standards of Commercial Archive Services.

Dirty Little Secret™: Short-Cuts that Rob You of YOUR Master files

Most Consumer Video Archive Companies

Sell an "archive gold" type DVD --

Transfer mills then take that DVD and "rip" a partial-frame MP4 file -- of lower quality -- from the DVD -- and call the MP4 file a "master file"; and

"8mm Film-Transfer Mills" then give customers MP4 files -- telling them MP4 IS YOUR MASTER file!

Copying a native MP4 file directly to a DVD does NOT give you another DVD. MP4 would have to be "transcoded" and "containerized" as a DVD disc image -- to make a DVD -- and there would be loss -- because both video formats are "lossy video". Therefore, MP4 is NOT THE MASTER FILE FOR A DVD.

Getting your true MASTER FILE and your other COPYRIGTED ASSETS -- IS IMPORTANT!


Why should YOU NOT expect the same -- from a CONSUMER VIDEO ARCHIVE COMPANY?
Copyright laws apply to corporations and individuals -- alike!

But because you are old, or a woman, or a minority, or disadvantaged -- or because Consumer Archive Companies think you are uneducated or too dumb; is not a reason to discriminate -- to deny you your rights and your Copyrighted Assets -- and then destroy them -- without your permission - -because you will not PAY TWICE for them!

If I gave PBS or Fox or NBC only a DVD, or a DVD and an MP4 file, and told them, "
This is your archive", they would laugh at me -- and, again, call their lawyers!

Yet, most CONSUMER VIDEO ARCHVIE COMPANIES -- which I call "8mm Film-Transfer Mills" -- "rip" video TO DVDs -- with names like "Archive Gold DVDs" -- maybe give "shoppers" an MP4 file (STRipped from the DVD) -- and tell "shoppers" that they now have a "video archive".

Worse yet, they may capture as MP4 and then "rip" the DVD -- from low grade MP4!

Not ONLY does their "single-pass process" for making a DVD degrade DVD video BUT
it forces these wonderful, trusting people to forfeit 1) their MASTER FILE, and 2) their "virgin" DVD Disc IMAGE™ -- which are their Copyright Assets.


Our method of pricing assures the inclusion of Copy-right Assets as follows:

  1. Master Files are NOT "add-on" products - period!
  2. "Disc images" can be add-on products to Master Files;
  3. "Physical discs" can be "add-on" products to "disc images".

To achieve this protection for our clients, we use a "progressive pricing structure",
where prices are stacked on top of base prices as follows:

  1. Base price of different service levels to create, enhance, and archive files
  2. Add to that the cost of different digital products like Disc-IMAGES™ & MP4
  3. Add to that the cost of different physical products like Physical DVD & Blu-ray Discs

In Layman's Terms:

DVD discs and Blu-ray discs can be add-on products; HOWEVER they are NOT sold without including the Master Files and Disc-IMAGES™ -- used to make them.

We would NOT sell you a DVD -- and then try to sell you a "Master File" and a "DVD disc-image" -- to go with your DVD disc.

That's like a used car salesman who says, "Oh, you wanted an engine, too, with that car?"


  1. DVDs are NOT an archive worthy medium -- according to the National Archives and Records Administration, and you can only expect them to last 2 to 5 years; and

  2. Gold foil and Silver foil on candy-bar wrappers does NOT make the candy last longer.
    Gold foil and Silver foil Recordable DVD discs does NOT make the data last longer.

  3. "Archive gold" type DVD discs store data in the "dye layer" -- NOT the "foil layer" -- and thus these DVDs do not retain data any longer than DVDs with different color "foil layers"; and,

  4. Any "longevity warranty" associated with "archive gold" type DVD discs refers to "shelf life ONLY" and does NOT refer to "recorded data life"; in fact,

  5. ALL "archive gold DVD warranties" are null and void -- once the DVD has been burned; legal justification for this, is because, the NIST/Library Optical Disc Longevity Study showed that DVD recorders are not "standardized" and ANY DVD recorder can and often does pollute the "dye layer" with recording errors -- to within an expected threshold of failure -- in 2 to 5 years -- according to NARA; and,

  6. Using ANY DVD RECORDER, according to the NIST/Library Optical Disc Longevity Study, your DVD will have "Recording Errors"; and,

  7. Using a Tape-to-DVD Recorder, you created a DVD a) which is full of recording errors, b) which is NOT an archive, and c) which is lower-grade video than your source video; and,

  8. Using a Tape-to-DVD Recorder, you forfeit MASTER files being made from your video tape; and

  9. Using a Tape-to-DVD Recorder, you forfeit DISK IMAGE™ files -- which would be free of "Recording Errors" -- to make more DVDs -- which you will NEED in 2 to 5 years -- when your DVD goes bad; and,

  10. Using ANY "single-pass" video transfer process to make a DVD, produces COMPROMISED DVD images--

  11. "Dual-Pass DVD RENDERING" -- from an enhance master file -- is the ONLY commercially acceptable method to make DVD disc IMAGE™ -- and then make physical DVDs.

Public Notices -- As the Result of Private and Public Research

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), IBM, The Library of Congress Optical Disc Longevity Study, and the German Optical Disc Longevity Study have ALL made PUBLIC the KNOWLEDGE that Recordable CD/DVD discs are "temporary data mediums" -- that will "go bad".

These PUBLIC NOTICES create a LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to companies selling DVD DISCS --

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) says:


1) Even though YOU PAID for the “making” of copyrighted assets – as part of the process -- to make your DVD – you may have never taken possession of them -- because the KNOWLEGE that you OWNED THEM was OBSTRUCTED.

How was it "obstructed"?

Since most people would NOT know about Copyrights, the "8mm Film-Transfer Mills" take advantage of trusting people. Transfer mills try to charge you EXTRA for your 'MASTER files". They do NOT tell you that you already own the MASTER files -- as part of the production process of making a DVD.

Example: Oh, you want an engine in that car? Oh, you want master files with your DVD?

The mistake the public unknowingly makes, is that they set themselves up for this deception, because they say, "I only want DVDs" -- not knowing that tomatoes and pickles come with the Hamburger, that is to say, master files come with your DVDs -- in Commercial Video Archive transactions.

Transfer mills do NOT own any "rights" to MASTER files -- that allows them to "sell them to anyone" -- much less YOU!

Example: Just try selling DVDs, but withholding master files, from FOX, NBC, or PBS!
They will take you to the legal cleaners -- and keep your pants!

Also, if you order DVD discs, the DVD DISC IMAGE™ -- used to make the DVD disc -- belongs to YOU, too!
It is NOT an add-on product. The "disc IMAGE™" is so important, that many companies will order the DISC IMAGE™ -- and refuse the DVD disc -- because that is the "product" they want -- to make ALL their own DVDs.


If all you take possession of is your DVD disc, then what?

When -- to your surprise (because you never read this) -- the DVD goes bad -- in 2 to 5 years or so -- and you have nothing -- but a broken heart.

Why? This because the last "emotional connection -- between you and your departed loved ones -- in motion pictures" -- WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE -- is gone!

Home movies are a great source of healing -- in the mourning process. Home movies are a final life-like connection to a lost loved-one. The psychological loss of this "healing tool" touches the life of, and thus damages, every family member -- each time there is a loss of another "family member".

Therefore, the loss of a home movies DVD, is very much an emotional loss -- for every family member.

With the loss of a home movie DVD, ALL your family members -- and all their generations -- have lost their "visual history" -- of those family members -- that make them all family. With the loss of a home movie DVD, the common bond of the family is damaged -- forever!


Yet, these companies KNOWINGLY damage the public -- selling DVDs as an archive medium.
And, you thought your "ARCHIVE" GOLD DVD would last forever! Who knew!?

The National Archives (NARA) has WARNED EVERYONE -- INCLUDING YOU -- way back in 2007 -- is still warning EVERYONE -- to this very day -- that Recordable DVD should NOT be used for long term storage.

National Archives FAQ and Newsletter - Banning DVDs

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Library of Congress, the Library System, the DVD manufactures, the DVD recorder manufactures, the Movie Film Industry, the Video Production Industry, Commercial Video Archive Companies, corporate America -- like IBM, Wal-mart, Costco, Walgreens and YesVideo -- and all other "8mm Film-Transfer Mills" -- THEY ALL KNOW!

Again, "Attention Shoppers",

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) says:

What is there to NOT understand about that statement?



By buying what you believe to be a "CONTRACTUALLY CERTIFIED ARCHIVE DVD" --

What consumers do NOT realize, is that

COMMERCIAL VIDEO ACHIVE COMPANIES BUILD THEIR COST -- of making of Copyrighted Assets -- into YOUR PRICE of making DVDs. These Copyrighted Assets include 1) master files and 2) DVD disc images -- used to burn the physical DVD disc.

You pay for YOUR Copyrighted Assets� and COMMERCIAL VIDEO ARCHIVE COMPANIES "give" them to you -- as part of "normal contractual business".

Consumer Archive Services Sell DVDs -- as an archive medium, for archive use -- knowing they are violating NARA archive guidelines.

As if this were no bad enough, they deny you YOUR Copyright Assets --

What about new Millennium DVDs and "organic layer" DVDs?

ANY KIND OF DVD -- is a BAD WAY to store priceless information -- like home movies!

Why is this important?

When your DVD goes bad -- which it will -- you will NEED your Copyright Assets --

"Transfer mills” deny you your copyrighted assets for 1 of 3 excuses:

  1. "8mm Film-Transfer Mills" pretend that YOU have not paid for -- and therefore THEY (not YOU) own --
    your Copyrighted Assets, and if you do not pay for them twice -- they deny giving them to you --
    which defrauds you; or,

  2. “Transfer Mills” just throw away all your Copyrighted Assets -- since “the public” does not know they OWN Copyrighted Assets in the first place: or,

  3. Transfer Mills use a "method of archiving" -- like "STRipping video" -- that takes “short-cuts” -- that saves the "transfer mill" time and money -- but these "short-cuts"
    A) force you to forfeit your Copyright Assets AND
    B) force you to forfeit "COMMERCIAL GRADE PRODUCTS".


  1. Transfer Mills -- who sell DVDs "as ARCHIVES" -- sell DVDs with names containing the word archive. No matter what color the metal foil is, this is a violation of NARA Archive Guidelines; and,

  2. Transfer Mills that do NOT disclose "consumer risk" of relying upon an a DVD as an archive are OBSTRUCTING INFORMATION that would otherwise protect you; and,

  3. Transfer Mills that do NOT warn you that THEIR ARCHIVE METHOD deviates from COMMERCIAL ARCHIVE METHODS FOR MAKING DVDS are OBSTRUCTING INFORMATION that would otherwise protect you and your video Archive and,

  4. Transfer Mills that do NOT warn you that THEIR ARCHIVE METHOD deprives you of your COPYRIGHT ASSETS -- like "master files" and like "disc images" -- are OBSTRUCTING INFORMATION that would otherwise protect you and your video Archive and,

  5. Transfer Mills that do NOT warn you that THEIR ARCHIVE METHOD omits the use of Dual-Pass Rendering -- to make ALL your "partial-frame" video products - like DVDs, Blu-rays, and MP4 files -- are NOT providing a commercial grade "archive service" and are selling less than "COMMERCIAL GRADE" products.

  6. Two or more of the above acts are PROOF of GROSS NEGLEGENCE -- IF NOT PUBLIC FRAUD; and
    are PROOF that the company claims to be -- BUT IS NOT -- a COMMERCIAL VIDEO ARCHIVE SERVICE; and,

  7. Two or more of the above acts GIVES YOU THE RIGHT

Why "Dual-Pass" Rendering Is Superior to" Single-Pass" Processes