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Policy on Refunds and Returns



Policy on Refunds and Returns (including Credit Card Purchases)

By sending us a request for quote, you agree to the following policy:

We offer a full refund on "test products" in the form of "confirmation DVDs" or "MP4 files". The "test product" is actually a "proxy-product" for the "master-files" -- used to make the "proxy-product" -- with the understanding that the "master-file" is as good or better than the "proxy-product".

A partial payment is evidence that "approval of a "proxy-product" has been offered and accepted -- and approval extends to master-files of the "proxy-product" and to production of any other video products. All this is Standard Commercial Practice -- and is understood and accepted in most commercial video transactions.

Credit Card users agree to "approve proxy-products" in writing -- by e-mail.

Once "approval" or "rejection" of a "proxy-product" occurs, the offer of "refund" is satisfied and expires. No Offer of Refund is made beyond the approval or rejection process.

We still warranty our products beyond the "approval stage" -- for physical defects -- until 30 days after delivery of master-files -- at which time, we purge our video database of clients project.


Our "service" is that of "making custom digital products". Once the digital products are delivered, they are considered "consumed" -- immediately. This is because -- a client can, and should, make a quick and easy copy of ALL our digital products. Their "copy" be then be duplicated thousands or millions of times. Since we can not resale or reused digital products -- to which we do not own copyrights -- return of consumed products serve no purpose.

Furthermore, sending a hard drive or flash drive or optical disc back to us -- after being copied -- "thus consuming the video on it" -- is like asking for a refund on an empty milk bottle. The "milk" or "video" is the product -- the "bottle" or the "hard drive" are just the containers for the consumed product.

We are a test site for CopyCop™ - Digital Property Theft Protection and Encoding -- cooperating with FBI, IRS, Attorney Generals Office and Merchant Services Investigations.

In the rare case of a refund by agreement, or involuntary refund, in either case we would request a client to request a "chargeback", which places the jurisdiction of the refund within criminal boundaries -- should the client "take" money from us and also "keep" products that belong to us. CopyCop™ is a fool proof way to prove video was in fact "consumed".