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World Class Film and Video ReMastering
World Class Video Preservation™

We Are A World Class Film and Video ReMastering™ Studio

Your ReMastered video deserves to join our list -- of world class productions; and,
you deserve to join our list -- of world class clients.

Above: Kilauea Lava Flows


We are the " post-production professionals " behind many privately archived films and videos you may have seen on PBS, History Channel, Netflix, etc.; and in independent documentary videos.

And the list goes on -- for over 20 years of wonderful footage.

You -- and your video -- will be remembered by the company you keep.

Keep Great Company -- With a Great Company!



Most "legacy video" is the size of DVD video (see BLUE area below).

Companies who offer "Video Capture" services -- takes DVD sized images -- from legacy video tapes or discs -- and they give you, again, a DVD sized "copy" -- with "generation loss", as NTSC Interlaced video -- meaning the image is inferior to the source video tape or DVD -- in both image resolution and in color quality.

You deserve BETTER!

Video Liberation™ -- is 2020 decade technoogy.

Video Liberation takes a DVD sized image, MAKE IT BOTH -- BETTER AND BIGGER -- than the original DVD sized images. And that is where the quality STARTS!

We also give you true 1080 Progressive Scan video -- which will display on 1080p sized display (see the GREEN above) and on any 4K UHD or DCI display (see RED area above).

Last but not least, in our post-production process, we make legacy colors -- explode!

Knowing this, which video would YOU rather have: Video Liberation™ or Video Capture?

Video Liberation™ For 2020 TechnoVision™ :

Video Liberation™ is the 2020 generation of "video virutalization" -- which was started this decade by companies like Netflix, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and other Internet Video distribution companies.

These companies have created a Techonology Death Shift in the pressed" Movie DVD Industry and to the Recordable DVD Industry.

We perform "Movie Film Liberation™ " Services -- for all 16mm and 8mm and Super8 movie film -- and we provide you with a private, password protected Internet Video Plateform -- -- for the distribution of your video -- to friends and family.

Yes, for those of us who love them, we stil make DVD discs, too.

The Future of Movie Film:

The era of "small format movie film" CONVERSION has come to an end. We plan to phase out our "Movie Film Liberation" Services -- because 99 percent of all small format movie film - 16mm, 8mm, Super8 -- has already been digitally converted. Most of the physical "movie film" is now lost -- or has rotted -- due to vinegar syndrome.

If you still have "movie film", you are advised to RUN -- not walk -- to get it Liberated™ -- as "virtualized video".

Becasue "virtual video" is now the media -- of the Internet -- we have deversified into the Liberation™ (i.e., the "virtualization") of 'captured Video" -- from video tapes, video discs, and video files (like AVI and AVCHD).

Because of the recent integration of photos into video -- and pervasive use of photos on the Internet -- we have also diversified into digital photography.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies!

We are all learning -- the hard way -- that social media "lies" about YOU owning and controlling YOUR photo and video "content". This is wrong!

For this reason, we have developed a "private" Internet platform -- for our clients -- called More on this later.

Videos R dot US -- at

Because of our professional experience -- with major studios (see above) -- in the post-production video enhacement -- FROM "movie film" -- I have discovered that we get great results in the ReMastering VIDEO -- "captured" FROM Movie Film -- whether video came from our studio -- or from other sources.

I am also getting AMAZING results from Video8, Hi8, D8 (digital8) and from MiniDV video tape.

To focus primarily on VIDEO, I came up with Videos R dot US -- at

As for this site -- is a "landing zone" for over 10,000 -- of my clients -- whom we have served for over 20 years. All these clients have "full frame, high resolution" MiniDV master tapes -- that are now prime for Video Liberated ReMastering Services -- offered at

Bottome Line:

Videos R dot US -- at -- reflects 2020 Video Liberation™ Technology -- for the Internet -- which goes far beyond the dreams of

Please visit for more information.

Thank you,

Bruce Mayfield

Now doing business as:

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Silent 8mm and 16mm Movie Film
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Silent 8mm and 16mm Movie Film

Silent 8mm and 16mm

15 FPS Professional Enhancement:

15 fps Video ReEngineering™ is the Professional Choice of my Commercial Clients.

The original movie film speed of many 16mm and 8mm films was 16 fps: However, the difference of 1 frame per second is imperceptible to the human eye, and the benefits of a 1 frame per second change -- is huge!

The Professional Benefits of 15 fps Video Synchronization:

Mathmatically 15 frames of movie images -- divides evenly --- into 30 frames of video. If you are an animation artist, you LOVE these numbers!

With Liberated™ ReMastering™

  • 1 whole frame of Movie Film -- is inserted into--
  • Every 2 Frames of Progressive Scan Video.

Movie Film "Capture" (i.ei, Film Transfer) -- with a Telecine Scanner -- CAN NOT DO THIS -- at any price!

15 fps Video Synchronization offers more post-production options

  1. like the option to add "very slow motion" to your video images or
  2. like the option to add "very smooth antimation " to your video or
  3. like the option to add "very special effects" to your video.

I find that Dual-pass Rendering really likes the 2:1 ratio -- for creating P-Frames and B-Frames -- for OLD legacy Video CAPTURED FROM Movie Film.

With DAI™ we can offer:

THIS IS -- Added Value-to-Video™ !


The END:
Silent 8mm and 16mm Movie Film
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Super 8 and 16mm SOUND Movie Films
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Super 8 and 16mm SOUND Movie FilmsE Super 8 and 16mm SOUND Films

Images FROM Movie Film -- with sound -- should be played at either 18 or 24 fps.

Super 8 SOUND movie film (18fps)

Above: Super 8 Sound film. The "sound track" is the wider copper colored track -- on the bottom edge of the film -- which was actually ferric oxide (rust). Track is actually "tape" glued onto the film -- which added "thinkness" to only one side the film -- making the "field of focus" lop-sided. A second band of ferric oxide "tap" was added -- next to the holes -- called a "balance track" -- originally inteneded to "square up" the field of focus.

Some inovative projector manufactures added a microphone to their projectors -- so that narration or music could be added -- onto the "balance track" -- to create mono-mixed sound (not stereo sound) -- of original anbiant sound -- with the added music or narration.

Unfortunately, sound added to the "balance track" -- usually music with a "wobble" -- was never very good, and polluted the original sound track. Also, and "empty" balance track added "noise" to the sound on the "sound track" -- again polluting what "good sound" is still there.

For this reason, most people opt to NOT copy this track -- but to ONLY preserve the "original sound" -- usually lip-synchonized with people talking in foreground and background.

When narration WAS added, it usually overlayed the "ambiant sound" -- on the "real sound track" -- so that narration would not conflict with "other voices" in the background.

The magnetic tracks on Super 8 sound film, ages more rapidly than the film itself -- the adhesives deteriorate -- and decades later -- and the sound track actually peals off the film.

Also, Sound film was originally shot at 18 fps, but MOST movie film capture services (i.e. film transfer services) must sycronize the movie images at 20 fps. This gives the sound a "chipmonk" or "higher pitched sound". This is yet another reason, many studio no longer "offer" sound services.

We can Liberate and ReMaster Super 8 SOUND film -- with True-to-Life Motion and True-to-Life Sound.


16mm Optical Sound Movie Film (24fps)

Above: Super 16 Sound film.

Using DAI™ , we ReMaster™ sound film images at exactly at those frame rates -- using a little Trade Secret -- to preserve

  1. the integrity of the original sound track and
  2. the integrity of the original image motion.


Other Fiim Transfer Sevices use last century Movie Film Capture -- using Telecine Scanners -- that use a 3:2 pull-down -- to capture sound films -- especially 24 fps sound films;

A 3:2 pull-down shutter creates "judder" that

  1. becomes very obvious on new HDTV and 4K displays; and,
  2. becomes a very permenant motion flaw in the video image
  3. is very anoying to the human eye!

Our Little Trade Secret:

Using DAI™ , we avoid ANY sound or motion distortion -- especially with 24 fps films!

Liberated ReMastered video -- with DAI™ and DPR™ -- will be BETTER than ANY telecine scanner using 3:2 Pull-down methods.

There are also MANY post-production benefits -- similar to15 fps Video Synchronization (above).

The END:
Super 8 and 16mm SOUND Movie Films
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Telecine Scanners: Last Century Technology
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Telecine Scanners: Last Century Technology

Telecine Scanners: Last Century Technology

Telecine Scanners are a "Video "Capture" technology that creates the following Telecine Artifacts in video images...


  1. Speed / Motion Distortion
  2. Real-time Run-time Distortion
  3. Black & White Distortion
  4. Color Distortion
  5. Pitch Distortion
  6. Interlaced Lines Artifacts
  7. Irregular Duplicate Frames (i.e, judder)

With the immergence of HD and 4K video cameras, there is now a special class of "Movie Film Transfer" -- to avoid like the Plague -- called "Hyper-formated™ Video Capture".

Hyper-formatted Video has "gain patterns -- on their grain patters"; such that grain patterns in the movie film -- which have always been "obvious" -- are now "obnoxious" in the Hyper-formatted video.

What is even more obvous, is that these studos do NOT understand the first thing about movie film or video.

Movie film images are produced like shadow puppets in a light box.

Light is blocked by matter -- fingers or silver halide particles -- and only the one dimenssional LINE -- where LIGHT meets DARK -- contains LINEAR (i.e., detailed) INFORMATION -- about the image itself.

  • The AREA containing THE DARK -- and
  • the AREA containing THE LIGHT --
  • contain NO LINEAR information.

Including the surface "area" of the fingers -- or the surface "area" of the silver halide particles -- AS PART OF THE IMAGE -- is stupid!

Ask any "Shadow Monster"!

Below, black AREAS represent DARK (shadows) of silver halide. White AREAS represent the colors of LIGHT -- all of which -- occupy a 2 dimensional geometric plane -- called a picture.

Only the edges -- the one dimenssional line -- that outlines each cluster -- where DARK meets LIGHT -- contains "data" about the image.

Hyper-formating super zooms -- like a microscope -- photographing each "particle of silver halide" -- on the surface of the movie film itself -- like photographing -- the fingers that form our "shadow moster".

Hyper-formating the integrate any "details" about the particle itself (like little fingers) -- into the final image.

The final image is polluted with little RGB (Red Blue Green) noise -- creating fake details -- within the shadow of the grain -- where NO "LINEAR" DETAIL actually exists.

This FAKE RGB Color "detail" IS VISSIBLE on all HDTV and 4K displays!

But that is NOT the BAD NEWS!

See image below. (Sorry, my RGB Color Noise is shown as "grey specks".)


To "cover up" the RGB Color Noise, Spatial Anti-Aliasing -- or a "blurring filter" -- is used -- to blur out the RGB Color Noise -- which also "blurs out" the "linear" detail -- encircling each cluster of DARK. See below.

The BOTTOM ROW simulates Spatial Anti-aliasing -- in slow motion.

This slow motion "simulation" compares

  1. Progressive Scan video with
  2. Interlace Scan video with
  3. Interlace Scan -- with "line doubling"

Simulation also demonstrates interline twitter -- associated with Interlaced Scan video -- which gives some people eye strain and headaches.

  • TOP Row: Original resolutions
  • BOTTOM ROW: Spatial Anti-aliasing
  • LEFT Column: Two Progressive Scan images.
  • MIDDLE Column: Two interlaced images.
  • RIGHT Column: Two images with "line doublers".

The TOP MIDDLE is what YOU have now.

The TOP RIGHT is what you can expect to see -- with what you have now -- using line-doubling technology -- on most DVD players on HDTV sets.

The TOP LEFT image is what YOU can have, if you Wise-UP™ to DAI™

Color film uses Subtractive Colors -- in the film -- to filter raw white light into colors.

Colors are created by blending Secondary Colors -- Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta.

Video is based on RGB pixel arrays spread over a BLACK geometric plane.

Details are there result of Two Dimensional the default -- of NO COLOR spread over a Geometric Two Dimensional Plane.

One Dimensional "Linear" Detail does NOT exist in video -- except by illusion.

In the era of 4K UD HD displays, these .

Using DAI™ and other Cinematic post-prodution tools, we can reverse or minimize Telecine Artifacts from Video CAPTURED FROM Movie Film.

What is wrong with last century Telecine Film Scanners -- still used by most companies?

Nothing, if you like last century video.

A Telecine Film Scanner

  • Distorts both speed and motion of the moving pictures;
  • Distorts progressive film images with INTERLACED video lines;
  • Distorts images with "real time" playing time loss;
  • Distorts images with "motion judder " using 3:2 pull-down;
  • Distorts color with Black and White Color Correction (NOT!) which
    • forces some random bright color that is NOT white -- to be "white" and
    • forces some random dark color which is NOT black -- to be "black" and
    • distorts all other colors in between black and white -- to unnatural colors.

None of the distortions above were in the original movie film.

What studios using Telecine Scanners have NOTHING "to brag about" in my opion -- since we redo THEIR work -- routinely.

We get paid only after OUR WORK is compared to THEIR WORK

Using BEFORE and AFTER™ Video Comparison.

Video from 8mm and 16mm silent films

A " telecine scanner " -- last century technology -- "crushes"

  • 60 minutes of movie film images into
  • 45 minutes of video images
  • a loss of 15 minutes of viewing time per hour of video
  • that's running 25% too fast!


We give you BETTER!

Video from Super 8 films

A " telecine scanner " -- last century technology --

"Captures and Compresses" aka "Ripps and Stripps"

  • 60 minutes of movie film images into
  • 54 minutes of video images
  • a loss of 6 minutes of viewing time per hour of video
  • that's 10% too fast!


We give you BETTER!

The END:
Telecine Scanners: Last Century Technology
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